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  • Om Shubh Diwali Live Wallpaper

    Om Shubh Diwali Live Wallpaper




    Add Spirituality and celebrate Diwali with the rotating and moving Swastik across your Android Screen, that too for FREE!! Om Shubh Diwali live wallpaper is a beautiful live wallpaper which includes the rotating & moving “OM” which appears from any direction. You can even shrink or enlarge...

  • Magic Touch Smileys HD Live WP

    Magic Touch Smileys HD Live WP




    The best bouncing smiley live wallpaper for android is here now. Get this cool live wallpaper which has crazy smileys that dance at your finger tips for free ! They jump , they laugh ,blink ,break into smaller ones and with one touch combine back again. One of its kind live wallpaper with super...

  • Catch The Christmas Gifts

    Catch The Christmas Gifts




    Christmas time is here again. Christmas trees are all snowflake and the chimneys are all ready for Santa's arrival with gifts. Let's start to catch all the Xmas Gifts. Catch The Christmas Gift's is a free special gift for you in the Christmas 2013 and happy New Year 2014. Merry Xmas...

  • Commando Fight : Final Battle

    Commando Fight : Final Battle




    “If you win, you need not have to explain... If you lose, you should not be there to explain!” To save the earth from destruction, let the ultimate apache attack begin. Commando Fight is an ultimate shooting game! Two brave commandos Glaser and Feline are surviving to destroy the enemy force,...

  • Ecards & Greeting Cards Maker

    Ecards & Greeting Cards Maker




    Draw or create a fabulous cards along with the sweet gift for your family, friends, loved ones and Colleagues. With this free and easy to use app, one can make impressive salutation cards for pretty much any occasion. E card maker is a beautiful greeting card app where you can personalize and...

  • Past Life Scanner HD

    Past Life Scanner HD




    Are you intrigued about past life? Here the end to all the past life mysteries ,now you can open the mystery box of you past life in seconds by this Awesome new FREE app !! It shall reveal the mysteries of your past life and your past life identity. Our past life may have dangling links which...

  • New Year HD Live Wallpaper

    New Year HD Live Wallpaper




    It's time to start a promising new year 2014. Let the celebrations begin with the HD New Year Live Wallpaper for your android phone. This cool wallpaper brings you the joy of festive season with its warm celebratory graphics that too for free!! Wish you all a happy New Year 2014 is near and...

  • Photo Touch Up : Image Editor

    Photo Touch Up : Image Editor




    Enjoy most powerful and smart free photo editor tool that enables you to enhance your photos picked from Instagram, Facebook, gallery or through mobile camera. Some brilliant visual effects like Circle, kaleidoscope, contour, opacity that you will rarely find in similar apps, are all bundled...

  • Photofun: Digital Image Editor

    Photofun: Digital Image Editor




    Take the joy of digital photography and combine it with the thrill of darkroom editing! Photofun has some latest ultimate photo effects like dissolve, marble, diffuse and many more that you’ll hardly get. A powerful free photo manipulation tools available with tons of photo editing options and...

  • Amazing Drunk Scanner for Fun

    Amazing Drunk Scanner for Fun




    Want to know what amount and type of drink can harm you and HOW ? Then try this prank Drunk Scanner and fool your friends in a party or social gathering and that too for FREE !! Drunk Detection Scanner is the best application to prank your friends and loved ones by telling them that this app...

  • Sound Meter/Noise detector db

    Sound Meter/Noise detector db




    Measure the volume of sounds and noises using your phone in decibels anytime using this incredible utility application for free. It is extremely easy to use and accurate. It even shows an analog graph depicting the decibel values. Meter displays with accurate measurement instantly. Get this...

  • Memory Game for Lovers

    Memory Game for Lovers




    Are you ready to improve your memory with Matchup cards and have fun at the same time? If yes then play this brand new classical memory game. Download It. It's Free !! Memory game for lovers is a great learning and puzzle game to improve focus and concentration. Rules are very simple find...

  • Fingerprint Mood Scanner

    Fingerprint Mood Scanner




    Want to have loads of fun and laugh?? Then try this fun and quirky application that can read your mood using only a scan of your finger or thumb. Mood scanner is a cool mood detection futuristic fingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how you are feeling based on your thumb scan or finger...

  • Kiss scanner for Lovers

    Kiss scanner for Lovers




    Bored of having regular valentine apps ?? then try this new and stylish Kissing app. A very romantic app which tells you what type of kisser you are. If you are looking for naughty ways to spice up your love life, then this fun and entertaining app will help you decide your kissing style. App...

  • Crazy Chicken Run : Mad Game

    Crazy Chicken Run : Mad Game




    The best chicken run game for fun with cool farm graphics. Enjoy this addictive chicken game for free!! Make the chicken jump up and down and help it escape from getting butchered by the blades and save his life. Make sure don’t let the chicken hit the pigs!! The objective is to save the...

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