• Guide to Pottermore




    A Simple, Easy and Handy Guide for Exploring the J.K. Rowling's Website. Disclaimer: This Guide is in no way Affiliated with J. K. Rowling, Pottermore Ltd., Warner Bros or any other Potter Publishing Media. Description: With the July 31, 2013 Release of, the...

  • Matching Game Pro




    The preschoolers' favorite Matching Game is now even better with additional Images, Awards and Achievements. Keep your child engaged for hours as he/she learns alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes and animals. Watch your little one squeal with joy and excitement as he/she gathers awards making...

  • Matching Game




    This matching game provides a fun and easy way to learn alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes and also associate objects with them. Be it matching 'A' with an 'Apple' or 'Green' with 'Leaf' or even 'Triangle' with a 'pizza slice' ... its all there...

  • Kid's FunZone




    Make Learning Fun with FunGyan's all new "Kid's FunZone" Educational App. This All-in-One App is your Child's one stop for learning Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Shapes and Animals. The App uses the Flash Card Technique to make it easier for the Child to Learn and Remember....

  • Guess Thy Color




    Delve into the fascinating world of Colors with 'GuessThyColor', a unique color matching game by FunGyan. Guess the Red, Green and Blue Components of a given color and try to match your values with the True Color. Closer the match, more the star rating. Earn bonus hints when you get 5...

  • Whats Missing?




    What's Missing provides a simple and fun way of learning number and alphabet sequencing. The levels increase in difficulty with different type of sequencing (like alternate numbers missing or decreasing order). The player moves to next level by completing minimum number of correct games....

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