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    Download Class Room Fun Class Room Fun icon
    Class Room Fun

    Class room fun game is a funny game… Are you ready to recall your school time naughtiness? Lousy is school teacher she is always strict with every students. In the school no one loves loosy teacher. Today all the students decided to tease the teacher. Make them to hit the teacher, with the objects displaying at the left corner of the screen.…

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    Download Little Pony Escape Little Pony Escape icon
    Little Pony Escape

    Welcome to magical land of Pony… It is a land of happiness, pride and joy. Animals Lived together along with the cute Pony happily!! They all lived together as a family. Love and peace flooded along the way… The greedy one, who didn’t like their happiness, trapped the pony in the little home Now all are sad without pony. Release the pony and…

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    Download Death Train Escape Death Train Escape icon
    Death Train Escape

    Imagine yourself in a train where a time bomb has been fixed by the terrorist. You have a very short span of time to defuse the bomb first, and then stop the train, because the train driver has been attacked by the terrorists. Your task is to find the items from the train to defuse the bomb. And arrange them logically to find the puzzle to esca…

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    Download Crime Evidence 1 Crime Evidence 1 icon
    Crime Evidence 1

    Take upon the role of a detective and show of your skill in this game. Just Imagine, You are working as a private detective and you have got a message about the murder case, And you have entered into the place before the cops arrive. You will have to find the needed evidences and the offender. Explore the house and find out the evidences. Be…

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    Download Dinosaur Forest Escape Dinosaur Forest Escape icon
    Dinosaur Forest Escape

    It’s weekend Jack and Marry planned for an adventures trip to an isolated forest. In depth of the way to their cottage, they saw a huge ferocious animal... Oh my god!!!! It is a dinosaur chasing them furiously… Jack and marry fall from a landslide. Total collapse… The car gets crashed... they got injured. If you are really smart, guide them to…

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    Download Escape From Mystery House Escape From Mystery House icon
    Escape From Mystery House

    Jade and Austin, thick friends both are very addictive in betting game. One day Jade had a bet with Austin i.e. he has to bring a simple item from a mysterious house. The game rule is he shouldn’t caught by anyone and he must exit only from the main door. As per the bet Austin saw a mysterious house and he executed his plan. Unfortunately the mai…

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    Download Escape Game : A Poltergeist Escape Game : A Poltergeist icon
    Escape Game : A Poltergeist

    A mom leaves her daughter at home and goes out on an errand to return next morning. In the night while sleeping, the daughter hears some scary noises and gets scared. Now the girl wants to leave the house as soon as possible, but she forgot the code number of the main door. Help her to search for the code number and leave the house. Need Ado…

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    Download Haunted Mansion Escape Haunted Mansion Escape icon
    Haunted Mansion Escape

    You will be hearing scary sounds Distract this sound and solve the puzzle It’s a challenging escape for you Have a great escape. Require Adobe Air Plugin to play this game.

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    Download Carrom Board Carrom Board icon
    Carrom Board

    Carrom is a wonderful time pass board game of color pieces! Take turns to play with CPU to pocket the default chosen color pieces on the carrom board. A turn may consist of one or more strikes. The player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their default chosen color first. After pocketing the red color piece, you must sink any of your caro…

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