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  • Agency Escape

    Agency Escape




    Got addicted to escape games? We, Funny Games, are there to furnish you with tremendous escape games! Just Imagine! You have been kidnapped and trapped inside an office by an abductor. You were unconscious! The kidnapper left you in the office and he went to get some items from the shop. Then...

  • New Flat Escape

    New Flat Escape




    Are you fond of Escape games….? We are here to treat you… Just imagine….. You won a new flat in a lucky draw. And you decided to have a look of that new flat. When you stepped inside the flat, the door gets locked automatically. Find the key to escape from the flat. Your task is to find the...

  • Joyful New Year Escape 2013

    Joyful New Year Escape 2013




    Jonathan and lia were true lovers. They were in love for past 10 years. They planned to stay together on New Year night. So they came outing for a mall. Suddenly a stranger rushes to the spot and kidnaps lia. The kidnapper traps her in a spooky house. Help Jonathan to save lia He can’t live...

  • Juice Bar Escape

    Juice Bar Escape




    In the late night, I got a call from girl friend. She told in a chill voice, “Need to meet you, come to your spot”. Our usual meeting spot is the juice bar in the highway. She never spoke before like this. I rushed to the spot with lot of confusion. When I stepped inside, no one is there....

  • Beach View Room Escape

    Beach View Room Escape




    Got addicted to escape games..? We, funny games, are there to treat your thirst for escape games. Now, we are going to lock you in a Beach view room. Just imagine… You get a chance to meet your favorite basketball player through a lucky draw. This is a big day for you; you are die-hard fan...

  • Lavender Room Escape

    Lavender Room Escape




    You have been trapped inside a Lavender room and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of the room. FEATURES: •Creative concept •Easy Puzzles •Attractive Background •Video Walk Through available •It’s free to play and download •Be careful, it is very...

  • Banana Muffins Cooking

    Banana Muffins Cooking


    Play this game to learn how to prepare a delicious Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins. Give your family a surprise treat with this yummy dish. Have fun by playing and even preparing at home. Features: Yummy Dish Cooking Skill

  • Pent House Escape

    Pent House Escape




    Mr. and Mrs. Robby lives in this pent house for the past 2 years. Both were working in different locations of the city. Since they had single key for the door, they use to always lock the door and hang the key on the side. A person who always notices them made a cunning plan. He decided to steal...

  • Kid's Room Spot Differences

    Kid's Room Spot Differences


    Kids room will be very beautiful and attractive. The thing is kids will mess up their room. So are you ready to spot errors in this attractive and mess up room? Let’s start spotting errors in given time limits. Features: Attractive rooms for kids Different wall papers For more details log...

  • Haunted Mansion Escape

    Haunted Mansion Escape




    This is a room escape type game, where you need to escape from this beautiful mansion. The mansion consists of huge number of clues and puzzles. Your task is to escape from the mansion. Gather the items correlate them logically to solve the puzzles to have GREAT ESCAPE!!!!!!! Are you really...

  • Genius House Escape

    Genius House Escape




    Got hooked up with escape games? We, Funny Games, are there to adore you with addictive escape games! A brainy game for you guys. Just put you in the position that,you got trapped in a house which contains tricky mathematical puzzles. Escape and prove your talent. what you need to do is,...

  • Halloween Party Escape

    Halloween Party Escape




    Got addicted to escape games? We, Funny Games, are there to adore you with spooky escape games!!!! Let’s Party!! Just Imagine, you received an invitation without sender containing a single line, “welcome to the Privileged Hallowed Party tonight”. In total confusion, you went there. To your...

  • 6.5
    Fashion House Escape

    Fashion House Escape




    Touch screen adventures

  • Cafeteria Escape

    Cafeteria Escape




    I promised my girlfriend to meet her in Café for every birthday. As per my promise, we got that spot on all birthdays. But this year, it is impossible. She passes away due to cancer. I got a mail without sender with one line “You forgot the promise, I’m Waiting for U” In total blankness, I...

  • Deadly Cave Escape

    Deadly Cave Escape




    Dr.Jonathan is a famous cave archeologist. He is very keen in doing researches on and in caves. During his research, he was got and ambushed by the cannibals in a cave…. The cannibals went for a spiritual meeting leaving a caveman for security with the professor. The cave consists of number of...

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