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funny games

  • Pretty Girl At Dentist

    Pretty Girl At Dentist


    A perfect smile is the most important thing This pretty girl is suffering with teeth pain One of her tooth is decayed and germs in her teeth Can you clean her germs and remove her decayed teeth? Finally decorate her teeth with tattoos Give the sparkling teeth for her.

  • Little Eye Care Doctor

    Little Eye Care Doctor


    Are you a dreamer of doctor?? If yes, Then this game is for you. Here, we have given you an opportunity to act as a doctor and treat the patient's eye. Click on the equipment to operate their eyes. Give the best treatment to the patients.

  • Escape From The Fraudster

    Escape From The Fraudster




    You lost all your wealth to your business partner. He cheated you and looted all your shares. Knowing this, you went in anger to his house. The fraudster trickily locked you inside his house and went out. Think wisely and act fast to escape from the house. Explore the house, find and correlate...

  • Cafe Shop Escape

    Cafe Shop Escape




    I promised my girlfriend to meet her in Café for every birthday. As per my promise, we got that spot on all birthdays. But this year, it is impossible. She passes away due to cancer. I got a mail without sender with one line “You forgot the promise, I’m Waiting for U” In total blankness, I...

  • Cave House Escape

    Cave House Escape




    I and my friends went for trekking to the Amazon forest. We enjoyed a lot in the forest. We went to the nearer cave to spend the night. That cave house looks strange and thrilled; No one is inside the cave. So we just decided to come out of the cave, but the door gets locked automatically....

  • 6.5
    Escape From Wandering Spirits

    Escape From Wandering Spirits




    Touch screen adventures

  • Escape From Vintage Room

    Escape From Vintage Room




    You are locked into the room And has to get escape as soon as possible You will be hearing an alarm before that try to get escape Use your skills and clues to win the task.

  • Carrom Board

    Carrom Board




    Carrom is a wonderful time pass board game of color pieces! Take turns to play with CPU to pocket the default chosen color pieces on the carrom board. A turn may consist of one or more strikes. The player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their default chosen color first. After...

  • Escape Game - Futuristic House

    Escape Game - Futuristic House




    An Absent minded professor, living in this house, wants to go college but he forgets where the key is. Help the professor to find the key and escape from the house.

  • Escape Game -The Astronomer

    Escape Game -The Astronomer




    An Astronomer lives alone in a house with a short term memory loss. He gets an urgent call from his office for a meeting, but due to his short term memory loss, he forgot where the door key is. As he was getting late for the meeting, could you please help him to search for the key and leave him?

  • Cleanup Game : Messy House

    Cleanup Game : Messy House


    One day, A family goes to their farm house which has been kept closed for years. As they entered the house they noticed that the place is messy and untidy with broken items, leftovers etc. Help them to clean the house, so that it looks neat and clean.

  • Escape From Wooden House

    Escape From Wooden House




    Did you hear a screaming voice? Yes a boy is trapped inside the wooden house He seek help from somebody Can you do this?

  • Escape From Tyre Shop

    Escape From Tyre Shop




    Today I went to buy car tyres. While returning, i noticed that someone closing the door. Is it a trap..? Help me to escape with my car.

  • Escape From The Waterfall

    Escape From The Waterfall




    Welcome to beautiful fairies land… It is a land of happiness, pride and joy. Bears, frogs, fishes, swans etc. Lived together along with the two fairies happily!! They all lived together as a family. Love and peace flooded along the waterfall… A greedy witch, who wants to capture the beautiful...

  • Cadet Escape

    Cadet Escape




    Call For Help!!!! Enemy soldiers have trapped our country cadet in this room. our cadet not mind bout this,he is too smart to escape from this room. He only worried about that they may intrude into our country. Come lets help our Cadet to escape from this.. Your task is to help the cadet to...

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