Funtech Games

  • Super Cubes - Reflex, Dash




    Reflex and Speed! Super Cubes is designed to test just that. Don't be fooled as the game starts of at a reasonable pace but, after a few seconds speeds up and becomes super challenging. Super Cubes requires you to use both hands to make it more impossible. How is your hand eye coordination?...

  • Reotate - Pipes / Plumber Free




    Reotate is a simple and free, addictive pipe connection / rotate puzzle game. With its cool clean graphics and smooth game play its perfect to exercise your brain in a calm environment. The object of the game is to close all open ends of the puzzle. You can do this by clicking a shape to rotate...

  • Kids Mello & Smudge Maze




    Kids love Mello and Smudge. Help Mello a cute little puppy get his ball in this beautifully rendered 3d maze marble game. Avoid Smudge and his feline friends, they will steal your ball at any cost. You will need to find your way through increasingly difficult mazes. The game is accelerometer...

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