• Fructuary


    Fructuary is a simple flashcard app for mobile study. I'm currently in the middle of finals, so it doesn't have very many features other than showing the vocab. Later I will add the ability to create your own cards and the ability to save "decks" of cards, so you don't have...

  • Colored Web Wallpaper Demo




    This is just a demo of a wallpaper set coming out soon. It has four different presets - just to give an example of the capabilities of this wallpaper. The full version allows for full customization of the particle system and color scheme. Please select one of the contact options below if you...

  • Colored Web Wallpaper Full




    Yay! The full version has been released! You have control over literally everything. You can change the color, the number, the elasticity, etc. etc. of the particles. Take some time to experiment with the huuuge variety of effects you can get with this wallpaper.

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