• Clairvoyant


    The game allows you to develop the skills of clairvoyance through intuition - without any devilry and esoterica, without any channels to higher intelligence and other heresies. Among other things, if you want to learn how to take the game to the last level - you can buy a video course that allows...

  • CallEmAll


    Main purpose of this application - it allows you to record voice calls automatically and save them in folder named "callrec" on device or SD card memory. And, at last, but not at least, this application can filter incoming calls and sms messages you select in blacklist. If you need to...

  • Petition to Saint Matrona




    This application allow you to carry out your petition to Saint Matrona Moskovskaya. After petition's receiving it will be written on paper and carried to relics of Saint Matrona. It's completely free, however, you can donate money to developers.

  • Dislocation Promo App


    Promo application for disloc.ru website

  • TAS Brand Promo App




    Promo application for tasshop.ru website.

  • Shake your life


    Do you want to know your destiny? Get it now! Just press START button, wait some time and press STOP button. Voila - you have current state of your destiny and some advices for future... No chiromancy! No cartomancy! Only you and your present and feature!

  • Club 18 Promo App




    Promo application for 18fit.ru website - website of Club 18 fitness club.

  • P2P videochat




    Video chat allows video, voice and text communication on a tablet computer or smartphone, running OS Android. Given the low traffic requirements, using technology provided by Adobe, communication can be carried out even through the EDGE, let alone 3G. The interviewer may be behind another tablet,...

  • CTOK.RU promo app




    Promo application for ctok.ru website.

  • Romashka Promo App


    Promo application for romashkashop.ru website.

  • XzoneSpb Promo APp


    Promo application for xzonespb.ru website.

  • ElitDress.ru


    Promo application for elitdress.ru website

  • Brands Rf




    Promo application for бренды.рф website.

  • Minfor Promo App




    Promo application for minfor.ru website

  • Kinder Spb promo app


    Promo application for KinderSpb

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