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Moto 2017

The world championship moto 2017 updated at each grand prix with: - Driver and Team Standings - Circuit with the details and times of testing, qualifying, races and results - Pilots with their respective teams, and points-to-date list of winners of the pilot - Team with info. - Statistics - Moto Legends - Live Timing This and…

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The altimeter measures altitude of their location relative to sea level. This tool only needs to operate the GPS receiver, but for a more accurate measurement and recommended to activate a data connection to the internet. Other features include: - Displaying the time of 'sunrise and sunset - Compass pointing north with the red end of the…

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Championship F2017, with: - All circuits with dates of the tests, qualifying and the race, and with data from the circuit and the latest results. - Results of the drivers and constructors updated last grand prix. - Card drivers with all the data and GP wins. - Card manufacturers. - Card circuits. - Live Timing. Fast updates.

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Ruler Lite

With this app you can measure small objects or up to one meter, sliding the ruler. Also in the Pro version, you can take the measurements in cm, mm and inch, and set the ruler is in centimeters or inches. It is recommended to measure the display of your device and enter the actual measurement, it is also possible to automatically detect the size…

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Application can detect magnetic north through the use of sensors installed in your device. For a proper disclosure it is necessary to put it level, looking at the bubble that has to be in the center. It integrated a bar showing the level of magnetic field, and for a fair disclosure must be green, you can also activate the camera for easy reading w…

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The Level is an App can detect gradients, particularly the gradients horizontal, vertical and diagonal, and also detect the degrees of slope. This app uses the sensors of your device, then the accuracy of the measurements are related to the quality of the sensors installed in your device, and may also depend on the heating of the device or by the…

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Calcio Live

Con questa App potrai restare aggiornato sui risultati in tempo reale, anche con delle notifiche che è possibile disattivare o scegliere solo le squadre di interesse. Potrai scegliere le immagini dei calciatori completando le squadre con tutte le figurine. Inoltre visualizzerai tutti i risultati con le classifiche delle squadre e dei marcatori e le…

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Weather Tools

With this App you will be in degrees to detect the temperature of where you are, the percentage of humidity and atmospheric pressure. You can also set the units and share it with your friends. Are used for the detection sensors of your device, then the accuracy of the measurements depends on the quality of the sensors installed in your device, an…

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The Farm

Fun game for kids to learn the name of animals and learn the Loreo name in different languages. By clicking on an animal you can listen to their direction and doing a long click you can write their name choosing which language.

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Tools Lite

This App is a collection of useful tools published individually, especially collects the following tools: - Altimeter - Compass - Weather - Flashlight - Leveling - Ruler we'll be adding new tools very helpful and always on hand. Download the pro version without ads.

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