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    Download Dream Catchers: Beginning Full Dream Catchers: Beginning Full icon
    Dream Catchers: Beginning Full

    Ever wanted to project yourself into someone else’s dream? Now you can! Plunge into this fascinating adventure and catch the dreams as they flow by. When Mia was hired to teach at a girls’ boarding school, she managed to stay close with her family back home. She wrote regularly to them, but for the past few months, there have been no letters. Her c…

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    Download Brightstone Mysteries (Full) Brightstone Mysteries (Full) icon
    Brightstone Mysteries (Full)

    Unravel the secrets of the Templars and an ancient Egyptian cult in this thrilling adventure! New York City Detective Bridget “Biggi” Brightstone has come to France to crack the case of a missing necklace in a haunted castle-turned-hotel. But her investigation is about to turn up much more than she bargained for! When the victim of the robbery sud…

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    Download Lost Souls 2 (Full) Lost Souls 2 (Full) icon
    Lost Souls 2 (Full)

    Plunge into this awe-inspiring sequel to the breathtaking adventure Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings! Bella's brother Stan has mysteriously disappeared after finding an ancient artifact. Since then, she has been haunted by a nightmare that wakes her up in the middle of the night shivering. In it, her brother is drawn through a glaring portal in…

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    Download Paranormal Agency 2 (Full) Paranormal Agency 2 (Full) icon
    Paranormal Agency 2 (Full)

    Put your supernatural powers to the test in this spine-chilling sequel to the popular seek-and-find adventure Paranormal Agency! An old mansion on the outskirts of a peaceful village is reported to be haunted by evil spirits. Some folks say they've heard screams and moans. Others have spotted shadowy figures on the grounds. The townspeople are…

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    Download Magician's Handbook 2 (Full) Magician's Handbook 2 (Full) icon
    Magician's Handbook 2 (Full)

    BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMER Have you played the prequel to this fascinating game? Don’t miss The Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley - on Google Play! Two years have passed and your trip to the Cursed Valley is only a memory. The pages of the Magician’s Handbook remain blank and life has resumed to its natural course, until the day when a tin…

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    Download Graven: The Moon Prophecy Full Graven: The Moon Prophecy Full icon
    Graven: The Moon Prophecy Full

    Stop a secret order from releasing an ancient evil! A young yet notable archeologist is invited to the sleepy town of Brittany to study a set of ancient menhirs, or magnificent standing stones. She soon realizes that apart from being groundbreaking research, this mysterious and dangerous adventure could change everything. Wander through dark caves,…

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    Download Youda Survivor 2 (Full) Youda Survivor 2 (Full) icon
    Youda Survivor 2 (Full)

    WINNER OF THE BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMER! Return to the island of adventure and save your befriended tribe once again in this impressive sequel to Youda Survivor! The tribe’s shaman needs your help to stop the danger lurking over the entire planet. Put your survival skills and perseverance to the test like never before. Meet exotic creatures,…

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    Download Build It! Miami Beach (Full) Build It! Miami Beach (Full) icon
    Build It! Miami Beach (Full)

    Ready to build your own coastal resort city? Start small in the early 1920s with simple bungalows and develop it over time into a cosmopolitan boomtown! During the course of sixty years, you will get to construct glittering hotels, fabulous restaurants and chic boutiques, but you’ll also need to manage repairs, deliveries, remodeling and much more.…

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    Download Special Enquiry Detail® (Full) Special Enquiry Detail® (Full) icon
    Special Enquiry Detail® (Full)

    Try your hand at investigating a murder and bring the killer to justice! Detectives Turino and Lamonte have been assigned to a new investigative unit: Special Enquiry Detail. Their first case is the shocking death of the daughter of two charity fundraisers. So the list of suspects is growing. With pressure from the captain and the mayor to solve th…

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    Download Letters from Nowhere 2 (Full) Letters from Nowhere 2 (Full) icon
    Letters from Nowhere 2 (Full)

    The immersive free-to-play version, Letters From Nowhere®: Mystery, is already live! Don't miss out! Have you played the prequel to this fascinating game? Don’t miss Letters from Nowhere - on Google Play! Travel to the town of Nowhere and search for clues to remove the terrifying curse in this thrilling and spooky sequel! Audrey collected all…

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