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  • Dock Clock Plus (Night/Desk)




    UPDATE: We are aware of an issue with newer versions of Android (4.2+) where vibration is not disabled correctly, this is caused by Google deprecating the API call to do so. We have a work-around and will update DCP soon. From the developer of the popular free Dock Clock comes the new ultimate...

  • Dock Clock (Night Clock)




    Like Dock Clock? Check out Dock Clock Plus, every feature you can imagine and more! (Now with selectable 'Dock Clock Free' clock & weather theme) For night usage (its primary design goal) you customize...

  • Live Image (CCTV) Widget




    A home screen widget which provides an automatically refreshed view of web based images (various auto-refresh times are available). Developed originally for monitoring CCTV or webcam images Live Image Widget can be used for a variety of other purposes where an image URL is dynamically produced....

  • Video Rotate




    (Please read the WARNING below BEFORE posting negative reviews, please contact us if you think Video Rotate did not rotate your video). Video Rotate solves the problem of the phone incorrectly detecting (or recording) orientation when shooting video and allows you to correctly rotate video....

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