Gadnell & Associates

  • Wolves and Wool Free




    Wolves and Wool are a bit like Angry Birds. But here you throw packages over a scene with wolves and lambs. You mission is to kill the wolves without harming the lambs. You do this by shooting in the right direction (but to the left in the game), trigger the parachute at the right moment and then...

  • Brutal Frogs - Kill the Birds




    Here is the slingshot story. The brutal frogs are a lot like the angry birds! Both are bent on revenge, the difference is the frogs have decided to exact their revenge on the angry birds. Evolution stacked the odds in favor of the angry birds but as we all know the evolutionary cycle has its...

  • Blockis




    Blockis is both a simple and very advanced block falling game, like Tetris is. Blockis has only three types of blocks, one square, one double square and a triple square, compare to Tetris which has seven different shapes. They blocks come in landscape and portrait orientations. You can't...

  • Unstone Me




    This is the original puzzle Unstone Me. Unstone me is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the little stone marked "Unstone Me" out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unstone Me has seven different stones of different sizes and shapes for a really...

  • MoneySaver




    MoneySaver is an app that will convince you not to buy the gadget that you currently dying for. Why would you want to use such an app? The answer is simple. When you buy something, you have already been exposed to advertising, the influence of friends, and much more,. There's so much in...

  • Smart Scroll




    Smart Scroll is a smart brain IQ puzzle. You will need all your brain cells to figure out all 150 levels. The rule and game is simple. Your goal is to get the white cube out of the board, through the black hole, with as few movements as possible. You move the cube by tilting your device. Sounds...

  • Pronk




    How to play Pronk This is really a brain teaser. It demand more skills then Tetris and has more solutions then StonePacker. It is a real challenge to play. Your goal is to make a line with the blocks that appear on the board. You can move them, but only vertical och horizontal. You can not...

  • Belts




    Belts is a mechanical and moving labyrinth. It’s a belts that turns around and you have to keep your ball at the top. Do not fall off. When you manage one revolution in the labyrinth the speed increases, but that’s alright, you have already manage one revolution. What do you think happens after...

  • 5.9

    Lost Mummy Lite




    Help the mummy to escape

  • StonePacker




    Stones (with a strange metal look) are falling from above. They have different sizes. Some are just squared, some are rectangles. You can move the stones to left and right after they have landed. On the easiest levels the stones come in waves, in the more difficult levels the stones almost fall...

  • Brutal Labyrinth Lite




    Brutal Labyrinth is an unique labyrinth. With brutal force, fire and explosions, your mission is to guide the ball to the final destination. The obstacles on the way differs on each level. Brutal Labyrinth features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based labyrinth demolition, and lots of...

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