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    Invoice Control

    Invoice Control is an application that lets you create invoices in PDF format and send them to your customers by mail directly from your Android device. - The application is multiuser. - Provides customer management, products and inventory control. - The application allows you to generate quotes in pdf format that you can later convert to invoic…

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    The consumer Swiss Army Knife

    These tools can help you to know how much money is saved at a discount. You can also calculate the actual price per kilo of purchase after the offer, which is sometimes important to know not to be fooled, you can get another purchase even cheaper than discount if you compare the price per kilo of both products. If there are any mistakes or have any…

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    Ad2Get (classified ads)

    This application is a tool that help you to comunicate with all people for: to advertise your events, to request help for something, to sell something, to buy something, for change something, or for everything that you usually hang over a bulletin board. This is not only a tool to publish classified ads, also we want give you a tool to request he…

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    Download How much does it pay? How much does it pay? icon
    How much does it pay?

    This application we have designed to give you a tool to calculate the cost sharing among several people. The distribution is calculated taking into account tax and tip, avoiding the annoying “how much should/must we pay?,let's see, who estimates?”, and the famous “wait a moment, VAT is missed”. Cost sharing: For the calculation, the only you h…

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    Financial simulator

    This application has been designed for helping you as a tool that allows you to review time deposits you have accounted in the banks(accounts). We have tried to make the simplest implementation as it was possible, but if you have any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us: gagosoto@gmail.com. We will be very pleased if you have any suggestion.…

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    Meet and Go

    How many times have you tried to organize a meal with friends, or a company event, or organize a sporting event, and has been a headache with endless mails that are not specific at all, and there are always disputes to see when and where to stay? Well, this is an application that will help you organize events in an agile, whether public or private…

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