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Gale Force Mobile Applications

  • Classic Commercial Sayings

    Classic Commercial Sayings


    This one app features a collection of some of the funniest, most classic phrases ever uttered in TV Commercials! Where's the beef? Wazzzzup! They're Grreeeaat! And many others! Play these classic sound clips whenever you like, or save them as ringtones on your phone. Download it today!

  • Ambient Sounds and Ringtones

    Ambient Sounds and Ringtones


    Take a break from the stresses of daily life with this great collection of ambient sounds. You can listen to any of these great clips whenever you like - waves, rain, wind, thunder, bells and more! Plus you can save them to your phone as peaceful ringtones. Unwind now and download this app!

  • The Laugh Track

    The Laugh Track


    Get a great collection of laughs to use to turn your daily life into a sitcom! You know the great crowd laughs, snickers and roars that are played on your favorite tv shows - well now you can hear them whenever you want. Plus, you can save all the sounds to have as hilarious ringtones!

  • Radio Show Sounds & Ringtones

    Radio Show Sounds & Ringtones


    A great collection of zany sounds like you'd hear on your favorite radio show! Play them to accompany the hilarity you see throughout your day, or save them to your phone as hilarious ringtones. Boings, zoops, quacking, bells and so much more! Your phone will become a radio soundboard!

  • Annoying Sounds and Ringtones

    Annoying Sounds and Ringtones


    Get ready for a collection of annoying sounds that will keep you entertained! Babies crying, burps, screaming, sneezing and more. You can play the sounds whenever you like and tease your friends, or you can even save them to your phone as a ringtone! Get it today!

  • Sci-Fi Sounds and Ringtones

    Sci-Fi Sounds and Ringtones




    Perfect for the science fiction fanatic! This app offers you a great collection of sci-fi sounds that you can listen to at your convenience. Plus, you can save them all to use as ringtones! Included are lasers, hovering, spaceships, rayguns and so much more! Download this app today and Sci-fi...

  • War Sounds and Ringtones

    War Sounds and Ringtones


    Listen to classic war sounds right on your phone! This app lets you play a collection of sounds including guns, grenades, tanks, explosions and more. Plus, you can save them to your phone as ringtones! Get it today and play some cool sounds from your phone!

  • Musical Notes and Ringtones

    Musical Notes and Ringtones


    Play a song on your phone! Musical Notes offers you a collection of musical note sounds that you can play simply by clicking on an instruments name. You can have tons of fun playing with the different instruments included. Plus you can save them as ringtones for your phone! Get it today!

  • Bird Calls and Ringtones

    Bird Calls and Ringtones


    The perfect app for any bird lover! Bird Sounds and Calls provides you with over 20 distinct bird calls that you can listen to right from your phone. Simply touch the name of the bird you want to hear and its call will play. Plus you can set them as ringtones! So download today and turn your...

  • Animal Sounds and Ringtones

    Animal Sounds and Ringtones




    Perfect fun for kids and adults alike! This neat soundboard offers up the sounds of over 20 animals from the Animal Kingdom! Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Monkeys, Owls, Whales and many more! Just click on their name and hear their distinctive sound. You can also save them as ringtones! Get...

  • Burp Factory

    Burp Factory


    Introducing one of the grossest apps to Android! Burp Factory is a soundboard for the grossest and funniest burps you'll hear! Simply click on a burp and it will play out loud! Plus, you can download them as ringtones! Have a blast listening to them, or prank your friends and family....

  • Fail Sounds

    Fail Sounds


    Do you go through your day seeing fails and blunders of varying proportions? Have you ever wanted to cue the proper fail horn, or laugh track, to accompany them? Download this one app and get the best collection of horns, buzzers, laugh tracks and other sounds to accompany that hilarious fail!...

  • Fart Machine

    Fart Machine




    Say hello to the best fart app for Android! With the Fart Machine you get a great collection of rude, smelly, loud and hilarious farts. Click on a fart and its sound will play. Plus, you can save them as ringtones! Have tons of fun playing pranks on your friends, or just let one loose to break...

  • Horror Sounds

    Horror Sounds


    Horror Sounds gives you over 25 blood tingling and spine chilling sounds at your fingertips. Download today and get into the Halloween spirit, or scare your friend with these classic sound clips! Werewolves, zombies, demons, ghosts, werewolves - they're all here! Play the sounds when you...

  • Barack Obama Sounds

    Barack Obama Sounds


    Barack Obama inspired Americans everywhere and rallied to win the US Presidency on the mantra of change. Now you can relive some of his greatest quotes right from your phone. The Obama Soundboard provides you with a great collection of sound clips that you can play whenever you like or save as a...

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