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LadysCalendar Free (Period)

This is the calendar that you can manage the cycle of menstrual period and basal body temperature. ※Paid-for version has no ad. ※WVGA 480x800 or higher. By registering the cycle dates of menstrual period in "Base Setting", menstrual period, menstrual expected date, increased probability of pregnancy and highest probability date will appe…

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SpeedCalc Free

SpeedCalc shows the calc result at once. Calc is displayed when you input the data. Calc directly input the method by tapping Calc Tap result e.g. *1.5 % BIN,OCT,HEX etc menu ・Copy calc result ・Copy from other app ・Start other calc  Can add a new calculation screen by pressing the volume button of the mobile. ・Typing calc Game..  Enter the nu…

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DietCalendar Free(weight)

Diet Calendar. Manage diet & weight on a daily bases. Can save photos, take diet notes & arrow appears when it has changes in weight. Control daily diet confirming weight changes. Can set a target weight & manage diet. See the changes of weight in the diet graph. Let's put on a healthy diet & control weight. Add icons (symbols)…

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Working Log Free

Simple in/out time card you can manage and track your attendance time and other information of your daily work! Create your shifts patterns so it can be used for a person who works shifts as well. Save your daily working information, it will be displayed in the monthly list of the time card and on the calendar. Manage and track absence, paid leave,…

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Icon Diary Free

Are you looking for a very cute diary to keep? Our Icon Diary is just for you! You can select diary's background image and add icons for each diary. You can save a lot of diaries in a day. Saved diaries will be displayed under the calendar as image so that you can easily manage your diaries. You can manage your daily plans by adding 2 marks on…

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NoteCalendar Free

Would you like to save your notes and memos to the calendar? NoteCalendar is for you! You can select one post-it for your memo and add it to the calendar. You can see checkbox to each note(memo) in the list of the note(memo) screen. Check it when it is done then check mark will appear in the list of the calendar. ※Pay version:No ads display When…

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Icon Calendar Free

This is a very pretty calendar that you can add icons on a date and can manage your plans! It is so cute and convenient! You can add 5 icons on a date and can save your plans of the day with a text, too! It is very easy to use! Just press the Add button ( dog & plus button ) and select where you want to display icons on a date. *☓ button is 「…

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Premama Calendar Free

Premama Calendar Description Premama Calendar is the application for all women who are pregnant! Entering and saving the last period and the expected delivery date, the calendar changes in color pink and pastel blue every 28days. (It is calculated 28days as a month of pregnancy.) Dotted line and number shows which week of pregnancy you are at. T…

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HealthLog Free

Health Log is the application that you can keep track of daily health data and exercise data and keep up personal healthcare! You can keep up weight, exercise and health condition for the purpose of your health maintenance with one application! The data that can be saved with Heath Log are as follows: 1.Morning&Night weight and BMI. 2.Blood…

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Cute Day Planner Free

Save and manage daily events and health conditions just by tapping a pensil (Event) button on the calendar! A Timetable function for students! It can be used in a different way as well! You can use it as you like! Save notes with tag names and sort them to folders! Use it as to-do list! Handwriting Memo function for a quick memo or to share an ima…

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