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Fairy Kingdom

A new version of the game available! Download Fairy Kingdom HD here Welcome to the world of "Fairy Kingdom" where you can build your own city, help legendary heroes with their quests, discover the mysteries of long forgotten times and defeat the evil forces with the power o…

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Download Nightmarium Nightmarium icon

In a darkened room, a rustling can be heard from under the bed, a creaking of floorboards from all around, and shadows wisp about behind the windows. Terrible things, born of dreadful nightmares, are coming closer and closer! If she closes her eyes, if she falls asleep, they will find her! Only you can help the defenseless sleeping girl escape f…

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Download Family Town Family Town icon
Family Town

Welcome to Family Town! Dear Mayor, this is your town now! We congratulate you on the recent promotion! Family Town is a town populated by the kindest and most caring residents. Since you are now the Mayor, you can make this town the best place to live on Earth. Help your friends and neighbors, complete their requests, and they will always be on y…

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Download Tales of Windspell Tales of Windspell icon
Tales of Windspell

Windspell is a floating island-city populated by wizards, mages and alchemists. It is the one and only supplier of magic artifacts and objects, as well as rare potions to all of the known magical worlds. Windspell also has the largest academy of magic, where generations after generations of wizards have mastered all of the secrets of magic. Here, y…

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Download Island Village Island Village icon
Island Village

Wish you were in a tropical paradise? Haven't seen the sun and the ocean for a while? Need some adventure in your life? If so, you are in the right place! A sea voyage has gone completely wrong for a group of brave traveling cats. Now they have to make a new home on an island where no cat has ever stepped before. You will need to help them con…

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Download Legends of Moonvale Legends of Moonvale icon
Legends of Moonvale

Welcome to the exciting world of Legends of Moonvale, where the air is filled with magic and mysteries, and the creatures of five elements fight for their place under the Moon. Invite the most mysterious mythical creatures from around the world to your city. Raise and train future heroes who will help you go through the most exciting journeys of y…

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Download Battle Mushrooms Battle Mushrooms icon
Battle Mushrooms

The game of tower-defense genre at it's best! After years of peace the defenseless planet of intelligent mushrooms is being attacked by the army of evil mechanoids! Mushroom people will have to call the ancient powers of magic in order to resist the onslaught of invaders! But only YOU can lead them to victory and save the whole nation's fut…

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