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  • Make:Shift:Do




    Get hands-on experience of innovation and making with Make:Shift:Do. Take part in a national programme of public events taking place in make spaces both in London and across the UK on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 November. Make:Shift:Do invites the public to experience craft and innovation through...

  • Camelina Caper




    Camelina Caper, the latest project from, is a light hearted glimpse into the work of Rothamsted Research, produced for the BBSRC Great British Bioscience Festival exhibit 'Alpha & Omega; making fish oils in GM plants'. The exhibit will be first showcased at Cheltenham...

  • My Cotton Picking Life




    Have fun picking cotton! (No really!) Each year the government of Uzbekistan forces large sections of its population to pick cotton. This is forced labour to enrich the government. The schools are closed down and the kids sent into the fields to pick up to 50kg of cotton. If it is not done right...

  • 3.0

    Twin Calling Birds




    Control the birds and let them escape from the toy factory

  • 7.0





    A game about current events in Syria

  • 3.0

    Climate Defense




    A tower defense game about global warming

  • NarcoGuerra




    "NarcoGuerra is Risk applied to the war on drugs; it’s hard, it’s political, it’s really quite good." PCGamesN Review "...a unique and surprising handheld strategy experience." Penny Arcade Report "This is a good quality game that delicately handles a difficult topic and...

  • Free Zee French Hens




    Puzzling seasonal fun! Inspired by the line "Three French Hens" from the popular rhyme of 'The 12 Days of Christmas', Developed by in a week, have created a merry little puzzle game. In Free Zee French Hens, you need to burrow your way into...

  • Cow Crusher




    In 'Cow Crusher' you need to hit the correct button to squish the animal into the right product to keep the quality high and your score low - but watch out for horses in the works! Don't hit the crush buttons when there is a horse in place or else you'll drop the meat quality...

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