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Car Run

Over 4 Million downloads of this highway traffic racer car game. Car Run is a fast action packed car racing game which tests your highway car driving game skills against police chase car desperate to outrun and bust you in a wild car police chase. CAR GAME FEATURES - - Play as law breaker and escape from the chasing police as long as you can in th…

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Sane Lane - car race

The high speed epic 3D driving lane adventure for every Sane Lane car driver is here !! Mind it though that the lanes themselves are anything but :) Good luck maneuvering these "insane" lanes with a "bomb" on board. The bomb planted by the enemy will explode when the coins run out, so collect coins on lanes and other cool st…

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Ninja Mission

Ninja Mission is a fast paced, highly addictive ninja dash game where your goal as super ninja is to run and kill all trained enemies who have captured the peaceful fun loving ninja town in Kungfu valley.Super ninja game where you as the ninja run, jump or shoot enemies to complete missions. Complete all ninja missions in the scroll during Ninja d…

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Run Kelvin - Penguin Run

One touch, easy to pick up, fast paced - mega penguin adventure. A little baby penguin named "Kelvin", who does not know how to swim yet, was left behind and now needs to run and return to his penguin family and safety. During the baby penguin's run in Antarctica, the baby penguin has to do his bit to fight pollutants left by huma…

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Police Car Chase

Police Car Chase is a fast action packed police car racing game which tests your highway police car driving and chasing skills against escaped criminal cars desperate to outrun your police car. POLICE CAR GAME FEATURES - - Unlock new tracks and free police cars by catching criminals in a hot pursuit police car chase games. - Play as the chasing po…

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Bunnix - Bunny Run

Bunnix is an action packed arcade game. The bunny family has to cover and conquer the grass and harvests in the farm that are patrolled by a group of blind dogs. The dogs don't see the quiet footed rabbit eating the grass and collecting all the stuff, but their nose is as good as can be for any dog out there. So, the bunny has to avoid coming t…

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Jungle Escapade

Jungle Escapade is a jungle escape adventure top free game full of exciting, daring and fun jungle experiences. John and Jane are treasure hunters and they had a very successful hunt in some pyramid ruins of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. They were flying back after loading up their treasure bounty, when their plane had a malfunction and they cras…

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Word Teaser

Wordsmiths and fans of word games can tease their vocabulary with this fantastic game. Beat the clock as you find the correct word inside a letter grid with trial and error! The game's objective is to spell out the given word as you swipe to connect adjacent letters in a 5x5 grid. As you slide away, the letters will show various colors that det…

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Download HotFoot - city racing 3d HotFoot - city racing 3d icon
HotFoot - city racing 3d

Get the real drift rush of ultimate car driving experience through a lively city filled with cops, mafia thugs and yes awesome city traffic. You will have great fun with city racing 3d. Play as the Hero “John” and conquer through “Valhini’s” mafia empire. With cops cars to outrun, high speed thug car chases,awesome car drifts, car racing against cl…

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Sugar Me - ants game

In "Sugar Me", you are the Ants General responsible to control and direct the Ants to collect the Sugar cubes, Stars and other cool bonus items and bring to their home. To do this successfully across 45 progressively difficult levels, you would have to deploy all your cunning and strategies, as well as make use of various tools and powers…

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