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Stupid Zombies

Those stupid zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive the 720 levels. One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.

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Stupid Zombies 2

What's a good zombie story without an epic sequel? The undead return in this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainless creatures, weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in a slick, player-friendly package. They say you can’t kill what is already dead, but it can’t hurt to make a splash by shooting in their general direction…

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Stupid Zombies 3

The Stupid Zombies have risen again, and our heroes are on the move! Drop some mad geometry and score huge combos with crazy bank shots! Send zombies flying with huge explosions and massive destruction! • 4 Wild Weapons: the Trusty Shotgun, Fiery Flare Gun, Grannie’s Homemade RPG Launcher and the all new Baseball Bomber! • 200 Brain-Bustin’ Leve…

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Adventure Beaks

Begin your quest with Adventure Beaks, the only platformer where you assemble an expedition party of elite Penguin adventurers! Explore ancient ruins and exotic lands on a journey to discover the secret of the Artifacts! Run, jump, slide, and dive your way through tricky traps, enemy hoards, and cavernous mazes, all with simple, responsive touch…

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NinjAwesome - the best ninja game ever! Use skillful swipes to hurdle perilous traps and snatch mischievous bouncing coins! Rush through the pixellated plants, swiftly slashing wicked enemies, sniping foes with shuriken as you leap! Complete the tests of the ninja - Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Wandering - to satisfy you…

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Stupid Ninjas

From the makers of Stupid Zombies... Stupid Ninjas have infested the land and you are the villagers last hope to restore order and sanity. Use your Samurai sword wisely, you only have 1, 2 or 3 slashes to clear a level... fortunately, those Stupid Ninjas carry plenty of dangerous weapons to create chain reactions. Collect 3 shuriken in each leve…

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Doodle Bowling

Ready for some fun arcade bowling? Put some spin on your ball to stay out of the gutter - great bowling physics! Strike your way across dozens of psychedelic lanes! Smash pins in crazy fun worlds of neon lights, retro polygons, voxels, caves, and candy! Your friends and family agree, Doodle Bowling is a hit!

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Probe the Humans

The most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation! *According to our researchers at GameResort. Have you ever fantasized about piloting a spaceship? Have you ever felt the urge to wreak havoc on a small rural farm town? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of kidnapping hundreds of people and farm animals? Don't be ridiculo…

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Fatty Bird

Tap to fly and avoid the mines! Help this little bird navigate skies filled with precious coins and deadly mines. Watch its belly grow bigger with each coin collected… good thing there are plenty of nests along the way to drop your loot and regain a slender figure.

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Red Ball Run

Red Ball RUN!!!! Steer the red ball through an endless maze of spikes while collecting coins. How far can you go? How many coins can you get? Controls are simple; just touch one side of the screen to veer in that direction, release to get back to the center. Enjoy the ride, and whatever you do, remember to stay away from those spikes!

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