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  • Feed Me Worms




    “What? You said I was a foolish chicken? No! I’m a bird!! I will be the king of the jungle to show you that I’m a chicken! No! A BIRD!! I will make all of you look like me~~” KEKE happened to be in a jungle and was ridiculed as a foolish chicken by other birds. KEKE wishes one day the God will...

  • Dice Gourmet Beta




    As a gourmet, the biggest dream in life is to taste all kinds of delicious food. In order to achieve this dream, we need enough wealth to support. So, where can we earn much money quickly? There is no doubt that it is the casino! Well, before we taste delicious food and finish the encyclopedia,...





    Who want to whack-a-mole?! That is animal cruelty! The last thing you want to do is let these little cute moles get whacked by rival rascals. In this game you are building an entire mole village. Use RADAR to find resources on the ground and use those raw materials to build homes for your mole...

  • Word Hero




    Letters are lands, players compete. spell to strike! The phenomenal word gaming style is coming to Android: Find words, color the board, and compete your friends! In addition, this game features: - Scoring system: your can earn your reputation as a vocabulary superpower. - Anti-cheating: our...

  • AFTest2


    test2 服务器起

  • Uncharted Water




    Perhaps the best sea battle game that you've ever played on your Android device! Uncharted Water will let you battle REAL players and bring you fun & addictive sea battle experience. Ver 1.04 is online now! Find the following exciting new features: 1. Improved friend system. Now you can...

  • Clash of Monsters




    Clash of Monsters is an addictive blend of bring-up and multi-player on line fighting . Summon, raise and evolve your quirky monster troops and battle with thousands of other players online to win their stakes in the ARENA. Driving back the wilding attack is just the first step——your quest isn’t...

  • Spell Strike Premium




    By Premium version of Spell Strike, you can unlock game limit and enjoy non-advertising experience. New Update: - Finally, ANR and crash issues solved!

  • The Hunter Heroes




    The castle is being attacked by monsters, and only you can save it! In The Hunter Heroes, you are a daring archer, defending against relentless intruders who get stronger all the time. Will your archery skills be any match for these evil creatures? Top Features: - Shoot arrows - Cast spells -...

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