From the makers of Parking Frenzy comes another epic driving saga - Parking Frenzy Trailer Mania! Games2win now puts you in control of a grand trailer and takes you on a road-trip through small towns, forests, gorgeous mountain terrains and landmark locations! 100 levels of pure natural...

  • Guess The Flag

    Guess The Flag




    Games2win proudly presents Guess The Flag! One awesome app to tell you all about world flags in a snap! From the smallest of countries to the biggest, guess what’s what, right here! This is the most colorful version of your age-old world map and a treasure trove for all the flag-lovers! Go...

  • Fashion House

    Fashion House




    Introducing Fashion House, where your sense of style meets your ambition. Games2win now gives you a chance to live the life of a fashion designer, where you face clients that are difficult to please, and judges that are hard to impress.Experience the excitement, the pressure, the anxiety of being...

  • World Cup Football 2014 Quiz

    World Cup Football 2014 Quiz




    Disclaimer: The logo(s), images, trademark/copyright of the football team/club, football team/club jerseys or any football team/club merchandise (collectively referred to as IP right(s)) displayed in this game/app belong to their respective individuals and Companies who are the rightful owners of...

  • Football Frenzy 2014

    Football Frenzy 2014




    Football Fever is in the air! Catch it right here with Football Frenzy! One awesome ball game that will leave you jumping with joy! Pick your favorite team, play your favorite sport in a brand new avatar and get hooked for hours! And oh…you’ll just love to collect the super-cool power-ups like...

  • Parking Frenzy India

    Parking Frenzy India




    Games2win proudly presents Parking Frenzy India - where your driving skills meet Indian roads! Drive through the chaos and park right in the heart of India’s busiest cities, including Mumbai! Experience complete madness as you race to the parking spot. Speed through narrow lanes and face some...

  • Car Parking Puzzle Game - FREE

    Car Parking Puzzle Game - FREE




    Get into the flow with Car Parking Puzzle Game. Your challenge is to unblock cars and escape this rush hour of a parking lot. Can you swing it? Progress through over 140 levels for free and discover new classic cars each with their own speeds. Experiment with different strategies, like driving...

  • 5.0
    Parking Frenzy 2.0

    Parking Frenzy 2.0




    A physics game in which you have to park your car.

  • Crime Squad India Driving Game

    Crime Squad India Driving Game




    Games2win presents Crime Squad India…the ultimate Indian crime fighting drama on wheels! Drive seven different vehicles as you solve one twisted case after another! Go undercover and behind the wheels of some of the most iconic vehicles like the Mumbai BEST buses and yellow taxis. Drive a limo,...

  • BFF - High School Fashion

    BFF - High School Fashion




    Meet Natalie, Katie and Cindy- the most popular girls at your new school! Can you use your sense of style to impress them and make them your friends? Choose the right outfits, bags, shoes and accessories to become a part of the girl gang! Get invited to glamorous events and make your last year of...

  • Kursi Cricket

    Kursi Cricket




    Presenting Kursi Cricket! The ultimate power-game to test your cricketing skills! Pick your favorite Neta or Nation and make them win! Armed with a bat and a limited number of wickets, face some crazy bowlers as they attack you in novel ways. Time your strokes perfectly to make sure your choice...






    Disclaimer: The logo/s , images, trademark & or copyright of the games/ Apps displayed in this Game/App belong to their respective individuals and Companies who are the rightful owner of these apps. We have created this app as our gesture of appreciation for the most popular apps in the...

  • Fab Tattoo Artist Secret Salon

    Fab Tattoo Artist Secret Salon




    The ultimate tattoo studio just got better! Make your own never-seen-before masterpieces with an awesome freestyle mode that lets you be more creative than ever before! Ink 15 demanding customers who only want designs that suit their personalities! From college cheerleaders to party animals –...

  • Power Cricket T20

    Power Cricket T20




    Power Cricket T20 lets you play against the 9 best cricket teams from all across the world! Use your cricket bat to smash boundaries! Complete your quest of winning 3 prestigious tournaments against some of the toughest competition in the world! POWER CRICKET T20 FEATURES: • Play against 9 of...

  • Parking Frenzy:Horn OK Please

    Parking Frenzy:Horn OK Please




    Explore India in a cool desi truck! Amritsar, Lucknow, Kolkata… see them all with Happy Singh! Drive on death-defying roads, avoid mad drivers who keep crashing into you, and visit awesome Indian destinations on this action-packed road trip! Drive Happy’s birthday gift - an awesome desi truck!...

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