• BFF - High School Fashion




    Meet Natalie, Katie and Cindy- the most popular girls at your new school! Can you use your sense of style to impress them and make them your friends? Choose the right outfits, bags, shoes and accessories to become a part of the girl gang! Get invited to glamorous events and make your last year of...

  • Cricket Battles




    India's 1st Multiplayer Cricket game - now on Android! Play Cricket Battles - Multiplayer Cricket game and win against everyone in the world and be the Best! MULTIPLAYER MODE: PLAYER-Vs-PLAYER 1-on-1 CHALLENGES: Play the Multiplayer Mode Challenge anyone in the world in 1-on-1 matches! You...

  • High School Romance




    High School Romance brings to you excitement of the first kiss! Go on seal your love with a lip lock. The first kiss is always a make or break so perfect your romance style. Beware! Don’t get caught in the act. The world has never been too kind to lovers. So whether it is her daddy dear, or the...

  • 3.0

    Perfect Date 2.0




    Plan all the details to impress your date

  • Power Cricket T20 World Cup




    Power Cricket T20 lets you play against the best cricket teams from all across the world! Use your cricket bat to smash boundaries! 3 Different Modes of game play: Tournament Mode, Super Over Mode and Scenario Mode 1) Tournament Mode: Tournament Mode includes 3 Different Cups to be won!...

  • Fab Tattoo Artist Secret Salon




    The ultimate tattoo studio just got better! Make your own never-seen-before masterpieces with an awesome freestyle mode that lets you be more creative than ever before! Ink 15 demanding customers who only want designs that suit their personalities! From college cheerleaders to party animals –...

  • Taxi 3D Parking India




    From the makers of Parking Frenzy comes an exciting new game - Taxi Parking 3D India. It is designed with a realistic Mumbai environment and driving mechanics that are simply mind blowing! Take charge of the iconic Indian taxi and whiz past the chaotic Mumbai streets to get to the coveted...

  • Bat2Win - Free Cricket Game




    From the makers of Power Cricket T20, here is Bat2Win, a FREE cricket game where you can make real money, EVERYDAY!!! Get ready with your bat, Score as many runs as you can and burn up the field! Time your strokes perfectly against Yorkers, Bouncers, Fast Bowling and Spin Bowling to achieve the...

  • Fashion House




    Introducing Fashion House, where your sense of style meets your ambition. Games2win now gives you a chance to live the life of a fashion designer, where you face clients that are difficult to please, and judges that are hard to impress. Experience the excitement, the pressure, the anxiety of...

  • Kursi Cricket Delhi




    Presenting Kursi Cricket Delhi! The ultimate power-game to test your cricketing skills! Pick your favorite Neta and make them win Delhi Elections 2014-2015! Armed with a bat and a limited number of wickets, face some crazy bowlers as they attack you in novel ways. Time your strokes perfectly to...

  • 5.0

    Supermom - Baby Care Game




    Are you able to do all the tasks quick and in the right order?

  • High School Fashion Holiday




    From the makers of ' BFF - High School Fashion ' and ' Fashion House ' comes another epic fashion game. Join three best friends, Ana, Megan and Jade on a World Tour to discover popular countries, cultures and styles, as you have the time of your life. Get ready for fabulous...

  • Parking Frenzy India




    Games2win proudly presents Parking Frenzy India - where your driving skills meet Indian roads! Drive through the chaos and park right in the heart of India’s busiest cities, including Mumbai! Experience complete madness as you race to the parking spot. Speed through narrow lanes and face some...

  • BEST Bus 3D Parking




    Get behind the wheel of Mumbai’s most iconic vehicle – the BEST Bus. This bright red bus can be seen zooming through the city streets 24x7, 365 days a year. Now you get a chance to control an actual BEST bus and feel what it means to be in the driver’s seat. So, what are you waiting for?...

  • Go Modi Go




    Super PM Modi is rocking the world with his ways and his words! Be a part of the action and make his plan for India a reality in this fun and engaging game. Coordinate BJP’s efforts and execute Modi’s ideas . Fix the economy, clear up corruption, remove laws that don’t make sense and provide new...

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