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Fly like a bird 3 lite

Fly like a bird 3 hits the android at last. This is the Free Lite version. Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? Now you can, and so much more... Forage for food, build nests, raise chicks and poo on people, as well as meet other players in multiplayer mode. 3 birds now available, and the original Cityscape and Snowscape (get the full versi…

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Russias Army Lite

Russias Army Lite, the amazing 3D multiplayer First Person Shooter now available on Android! Free play RussiasArmy FPS MMO on mobile. Meet players from all over the world, chat, shoot and kill them! AK47 unlocked and full multiplayer level access in this free Lite game verion. See full version, Russias Army, for full weapon unlocks, including; sh…

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Lif Lite

You are wild and you are free. You are a beast of the wild woods. Roam the mystical forest and llive out your life as a wild animal in their natural setting. Find the totem poles to transform into other animals. Hunt, graze or forage in the undergrowth for food, drink from the lakes, you can even swim! Fight and kill or make friends and forge famil…

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Butterfly Game

Multiplayer Butterfly Game now on android! Explore the beautiful worlds of the butterfly, full of stunning flowers, plants and predators. Fly or walk to find flowers and drink their precious nectar. The more nectar you drink the more colors you will have to paint your butterfly's wings. Full wing painting with dynamic nectar palette can be…

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Download Fly like a bird 3 Fly like a bird 3 icon
Fly like a bird 3

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? Well ,here's your chance, and more. Fly about, forage for food, build nests, raise chicks, and wait for it... Poo on people! This web cult classic from gamevial finally arrives on the android with all the features and birds that you know and love, including four seperate landscapes, MMO or Multi-pl…

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Download Pebble Pebble icon

Beautiful Pebble, the 3D Skipping Stone game now on android. Join the world in stone skipping and enter in our nightly global leaderboard. A delightful, relaxing game where every pebble is unique and you get to skip them on a tranquil night sea. Peace to the world.

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Namaball Lite

Namaball 3D sentry gun Lite, free multiplayer game. Roll and deploy an array of next gen weaponry in the UTOPIA battle arena only. Hundreds of teams to choose, lots of weapons to unlock. Namaball sentrygun mechs have a H.E.A.R.T. processors (Highly Emotional Android Robot Technology) giving them complex AI & feelings. Love your robot! INSTRUCT…

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Draw3D Lite

It's time to dig out those 3D specs... Draw3D, retro 3D drawing tool with real anaglyph 3D- watch your sketches come to life on your screen! The full version also lets you save and publish your retro art to our 3D Gallery to be seen, admired & rated worldwide.

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Road Rage Lite

Grrrr! Rage your way down the highway, and show those **** sunday drivers what you really think of them in Road Rage. Smash them crash them, bash them. The 3D racing car game with a twist, no two rampages the same! This is the lite version, Get the full version for: -Choice of landscapes/levels -Choice of Car -"Race" game mode Note: Sam…

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Download mobraPhone mobraPhone icon

Gamevial's Mobraphone is very like a theremin, but tweaked to fit and resemble the classical keybord scales understandably. You can: -Play it "slidy" like a theremin. -Play it with "steps" or keys as a keyboard. -Choose from some different pre-set waveforms. -Turn reverb on and off (for spooky echos :) ). -Turn distortion o…

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