Gamma Point

  • Local Locale




    Find local places such as restaurants, golf courses, attractions, salons, movie theaters. Call them from within the app, get directions.

  • Migraine Calendar




    Manage your headaches, migraines with this easy to use migraine diary that shows all headaches on a calendar. See the log in a list view format, edit or delete previous entries, email the report to your doctor. View the complete summary. Add your own custom triggers, symptoms or medications...

  • Baby First Journal - PhotoBook




    Create your child's photo book on the go. Publish to secure web page. Post To Facebook. Email the events to your family and friends. Never lose those memories. Must have app for Moms and Dads. With baby journal app you don't have to wait to come home. Start capturing those precious...

  • Preschool Time




    Preschool Time is an educational game for toddlers and small kids. It teaches English alphabet, numbers and colors. Highlights: * 26 Letters - each with sound and a picture * 10 Numbers - each with a sound and a picture * Colors with pop up balloons Designed for children in...

  • PPS - MySchool




    Portland Public Schools - MySchool App is a convenient way to stay connected with your child's school. View school calendar, RSS news feed, call school directly or get directions to the school all through MySchool app. Presently the app is supporting 9 high schools in Portland School...

  • Extra Mile -Mileage Tracker




    Extra Mile - Car Dashboard with Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker motivating you to drive less and drive responsibly. Use ExtraMile to 1. track fuel expenses, distance travelled, and current speed. 2. generate mileage log for personal or business usage. 3. share trip details via Facebook,...

  • MyCar2Go - Drive Smart




    - Find available Car2Go vehicles and reserve them. - View your current bookings. - Cancel your booking - Call or email Car2Go support from within the app Disclaimer: This app uses Car2Go API to provide the data. We don't take any responsibility in accuracy of the data provided by the app.

  • Sports Voice - ESPN Headlines




    Listen to the latest sports headlines news from ESPN with this text to speech app. Big buttons make it easy to access your favorite sports news while driving. Keywords: sports radio,tts, text-to-speech, voice synthesis, sports news, auto, car radio, NBA, WNBA, MLB, Boxing, NFL, Golf, Mixed...

  • Drag My ABCs




    Teach kids English alphabet by dragging and dropping the letters to correct places. This app mimics the old age foam or wood letters puzzle.

  • Match Shapes




    Helps toddlers learn shapes by asking them to drag the correct shape to the matching shape.

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