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  • CubeEscape Adventure

    CubeEscape Adventure




    Cube Escape is the game of the year! You'll have to move in a colorful world filled with obstacles of all kinds. This is a game of precision and speed. The goal: You have a cube that has to escape from a heavily guarded complex. The goal is to get from point A to point B while avoiding...

  • Minetower





    Minetower is a tower defense from Minecraft. You have to kill lot of mobs in order to earn Irons. Irons will be useful if you want to upgrade your armor, speed of arrow, etc... Minetower will occupy you while waiting at the doctor, hairdresser and other boring places. Kill zombies in Minetower...

  • Travelator



    Travelator. Try to make the best score out of sorting cubes in the right colored containers. Aim of the game: You have to sort the colored cubes by throwing them (Slide of your finger) into the container of the right color. In the game there is Leaderboard to show who is the best ! And you can...

  • Fiches de Bac (physique)-FREE

    Fiches de Bac (physique)-FREE




    Une nouvelle version de l'application est à venir ! VERSION COMPLETE DES A PRESENT ! Cette application à pour but de vous entrainer au bac de physique. Elle vous apportera le nécessaire pour vous préparer au mieux au bac section Scientifique. Elle contient toutes les fiches de révisions de...

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