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Angry Hornets Light

Angry Hornets is a simple and fun game in which a bee nice to pop the balloons without being captured by a swarm of angry hornets. The game includes scenarios and different levels of difficulty. Moreover, each level contains the random factors that makes it different for each game. Features(Available in full version): 6 scenery 36 levels Option…

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Easy phone for blind

Easy Phone is an application designed for people who are blind or visually . (trial version: 3 weeks) It can be used in 'touch', or even use the voice recognition system to execute commands or write text messages, emails and notes. Also available is a special touch qwerty keyboard, specially developed, which allows its use even for people w…

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Download Talk to the Deaf Trial Talk to the Deaf Trial icon
Talk to the Deaf Trial

Talk to the Deaf Trial is a application (Multilanguage) for deaf people, allowing a deaf person to communicate with a hearing person. The technologies used are TTS (Text To Speech) and Voice Recognition provided by Google. The app consists of a 'chat' which converts written text into audio so that it can be listened from hearing perso…

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The Moon Tower

The Moon Tower is a simple and addictive game based on the balance of boxes of different sizes and weight to build a tower on a balance beam. For each box is assigned a score, the higher the tower, the higher your score. Features: - Excellent physical. - Ease of use. - Every game is different because the output sequence of the boxes is random. -…

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Baoding Stress

Description: As many sources of stress as there are in people’s lives, there are just as many, if not more, sources of stress relief. Remove the stress concentrating your mind on the evolution of the spheres. Changing their path tracing a line on the screen. Only the gray sphere is deflected from the line drawn on the screen. Features: 1) 3 ty…

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Download Kuku Cube Bubbles Kuku Cube Bubbles icon
Kuku Cube Bubbles

This application is based on the ability to distinguish colors. You need to find the card or the bubble of a different color. Also this application measures the ability to distinguish colors for moving objects. Scores between 29-31 in 60 seconds are considered normal. Scores can be shared among friends. This is a game can not be considered a m…

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Crazy Bullets

Crazy Bullets is a simple and fun game. Hit the robber, realize the maximum points, deflects the bullet and buy credits. But attention to the bullets, you never know what they hit. The mother of invention for realize the maximum score for each level. Awaits a challenge of 150 levels. In addition to the 150 levels the game has a user-friendly editor…

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