Gareth Hannaway

  • Note Pad Lock




    This handy little app is designed with privacy in mind, keeping your personal notes private. It's a Notepad with a Padlock!! This can be useful for carrying sensitive information such as PIN, account or telephone numbers, or for doing the holiday shopping and keeping your presents a...

  • Virtual Voice




    This application is designed to use the text to speech (TTS) and the speech recognition features of your Android device. It was created with deaf and/or mute people in mind, so they can communicate with others without the need for sign language or lip reading. It has a very simple interface,...

  • Screen Light




    This simple app turns your phone screen into a light! Tap the screen to switch the light on or off. Tap "Exit" to close the app. No need for an LED light on your phone. Works even when battery is low, unlike some LED lights! No Adverts! Free Download! Move to SD card! TIP :- If...

  • Test Menu




    This app allows you to access the hidden test menu in your Android device. It gives you all sorts of useful information such as your IMEI number, your WiFi MAC address, your GSM signal strength, application usage statistics, battery information, network carrier info and much much more. Please...

  • Star Trek Theme (donate)




    You will need to have theme software already installed on your device for this theme to work correctly. Once you have installed your theme software and this theme, go to your settings and select this theme to apply it. This theme includes customised home screen background, icons, lock screen,...

  • Star Trek Theme (free)




    This is my first theme, and it is free; so please be kind in your comments :) * You will need to have PandaHome, AHome or OpenHome already installed on your device to use this theme! * Download, install, then go to your theme software and select this theme and click apply to use. Enjoy!...

  • Droidinator




    This is an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard with a twist; all the quotes are only from his role as "The Terminator"! It has over 40 classic Arnie quotes to keep you clicking and keep you (and your friends) amused. It does NOT contain any adverts. It can moved to your SD cards to save...

  • Donation App




    This is an app for anyone who wishes to make a small donation to the developer Gareth Hannaway. By purchasing and downloading this app, you are making a donation and showing your support! Small, no ads, its just a little something in return for your kind donation! Thank-you in advance for...

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