• Colors Outside Poem Book

    Colors Outside Poem Book


    J. Tells is a 3-year old poet and singer. He spends his days playing, singing, and making up stories. This book, Colors Outside, was recorded one day while listening to J. Tells playing with some small toy figurines. He made up the poem and recited it over and over that day. The poem was put into...

  • Autism At Home

    Autism At Home




    "An app that parents can use too. Thank you." -Tom R. "I love the learning ideas for each area of the home. I can't wait to try them." -Mom of 3 Autism at Home provides ideas for creating learning spaces in the home for young children with developmental disabilities...

  • Black Web Awards

    Black Web Awards




    The Black Web Awards On behalf of, Inc., we welcome you to the new app! The Black Web Awards were launched in the Spring of 2006 as an effort to highlight the myriad of original, positive websites with content from the Black perspective. Hosted exclusively at...

  • Behavior Support for Autism

    Behavior Support for Autism




    The Behavior Support App provides information for parents, caretakers and educators of children who need positive methods to support behavior. This tool aims to give users a starting point in labeling target behaviors, identifying functions or motivations for the behaviors and developing behavior...

  • Autism Classroom Set Up

    Autism Classroom Set Up


    Classroom Set Up for Autism and Special Education Classrooms. An App for Special Educators. Do you teach in a self-contained classroom? Do you have students with special needs in your room? Do you need to set up a classroom for students with intensive needs? Then start here. The...

  • Teens with Autism

    Teens with Autism




    Teens with Autism and Developmental Delays Middle School and High School Lessons for Students! Finding lesson ideas and activities for teenage and young adult special education students with autism and/or with a developmental delay can be difficult. This app by, was...

  • Conversate





    *** Now FREE!!!*** "There are no right or wrong choices - but every choice carries ramifications, so don't worry about the choice. Instead, be prepared to see it through." Are you prepared to learn something about yourself? Are you ready to let someone learn something about you...

  • Autism Classroom app

    Autism Classroom app




    Welcome to's App. The "AutismClass" app is the new application for educators and families who have children with autism in their lives. It was developed by the owner of, who is an Autism Educational Specialist with over 15 years experience...

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