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GClue K.K.

  • ねこキャッチ





    うまくジャンプして華麗にキャッチ! ねこをうまく操作してごちそうをキャッチしよう。 操作はシンプル。 タイミングを見計らって2回画面にタッチするだけ! 射的のようなイメージでよく狙ってね。...

  • Cat&Coin [3D Coin Game]

    Cat&Coin [3D Coin Game]




    Shooting + Coin dropping + Cats = ?? 3D Coin Game. UFO is stealing stuff from the Earth! Hit the coin against UFO to stop it! The cats may help you out! 3D Coin game!! Can you collect all the items? Don't miss the cute cat's behavior!!! *How to play* - Touch the screen to shoot...

  • Maid Live Wallpaper

    Maid Live Wallpaper




    Sorry! Supported language Japanese only. ◆English Version release!! ◆이 메이드 라이브 배경화면의 한국어 버전은 여기에 있습니다. ↓↓↓ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocco.app.action.livewallpaper.international.maid This application is a live wallpaper of a pretty maid. Tap once to chat with the...

  • Cat Live Wallpaper

    Cat Live Wallpaper




    Sorry! Supported language Japanese only. ◆English version ◆이 고양이 라이브 배경화면의 한국어 버전은 여기에 있습니다. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocco.app.action.livewallpaper.international.cat This application is a live wallpaper of a pretty cat. Tap once to chat with the cat. Tap twice cat...

  • Secret Home

    Secret Home




    ◇Notice(2011/9/26) ・On this app, you can operate a live wallpaper. ・When you install this app, "Simple Clock" will be installed as a named application. ・This update has been changed from 3 to 5 the number of home screens. Guard your privacy from a Peeping Tom! Secret Home is a home...

  • Gourmet Search

    Gourmet Search




    "Gourmet Search"is a restaurant serch app.It can seach by location,from budget,and on genre. If you liked the restaurant there, you can bookmark. If you are using an free app "BLOCCO", you can be more convenient to use. This application only supports Japanese language.

  • BLOCCO Speech2text

    BLOCCO Speech2text




    This is an Action plug-in for BLOCCO. This application is saved your speech to text. Convenient to use, Home is recommended that you set up a widget on the screen. for example -This application and BloccoSquare be able to semi-automatic check-in to foursquare. ** This plug-in requires...

  • BLOCCOWidget image(Pretty Cat)

    BLOCCOWidget image(Pretty Cat)




    This app provides a skin of cat for BLOCCO widgets. You cannot use this application without BLOCCO, which is a free application we have released. BLOCCO HP http://www.blocco.jp

  • Pad Reversi

    Pad Reversi




    ☆Pad Reversi is a Reversi game with cute cat☆ You can choose the CPU level from 1 to 3. If you are weak in Reversi, let's try from level 1. Let's aim for more high level! In 2 players mode, you can battle with your friends! Which will win? ★How to play Pad Reversi★ ・Single player mode...

  • Ninja Cat -Flying!!-

    Ninja Cat -Flying!!-




    2013/6/22 ・Google Play game services. ・Added the ability to get the coins. 2012/6/1 [apologize] A problem occurs because the ranking function is not working and pause a ranking function. Sorry for the inconvenience. ★Control the cute ninja cat★ ★Let's fly to far away!★ Ninja cat training...

  • The Simple NumberPlace

    The Simple NumberPlace




    This application can play NumberPlace easily.

  • Ninja Cat.~Cutting Watermelon~

    Ninja Cat.~Cutting Watermelon~




    Ninja cat began his training of cutting watermelon. ★ Rules ★ - You earnestly chop watermelon falling from above. - If you not drop a watermelon, combo is increased. - If you take a bomb, ninja cat cannot move a certain period of time. ★ Controls ★ - Ninja cat moves when you press the button on...

  • Desktop Character Ver. Cat

    Desktop Character Ver. Cat




    =Ver 2.3.0Update!!= ☆ Added to the In-app billing. You'll be able to buy a point. ☆ Added to the type of cat. =Ver 2.2.0Update!!= ☆ Added to the type of cat. =Ver 2.0.0Update!!= ☆Added the ability to keep the cat for more than two. You can change the settings of the clock display or touch...

  • Twirling Cat

    Twirling Cat




    Rotate, Align and remove cats! This is a simple and enslaving puzzle game! [How to play] Tap an arrow button in the middle of cats in floats! Then 4 cats around the button rotate clockwise. If 4 or more cats aligned in either vertical or horizontal, or they are aligned in a square, they will...

  • Landing Cat [Sweet Cat Puzzle]

    Landing Cat [Sweet Cat Puzzle]




    ★50 stages were added and total is 100 stages!! Cats love to go up on high places. But it seems they can't get down! A cat is stuck on a dangerous place. If it collapses, the cat may fall off! Save the cat by hitting each of the stacked pieces without toppling them! ★"Landing...

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