• 7.0

    Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer




    Keep track of time and set countdowns

  • Old Fashioned Stopwatch &Timer




    The original Ultimate Stopwatch and Timer, repackaged for users that preferred the traditional look.

  • Screen Cleaner Show Wallpaper




    The Desktop Cleaner Widget hides your apps and widgets with one touch. The view on your desktop wallpaper has never been cleaner. Works with Live Wallpapers too. Donations to dev efforts gratefully accepted by purchasing Pro version with a golden frame! :) The Cleaner. Show desktop wallpaper...

  • Dimmer ( Night Mode )




    Dim your screen to the minimum allowed brightness with one touch - this is dimmer than 'Display Settings' allows you to go. Great for night time use. Android 1.6+ Donations welcome by purchasing 'Cleaner Pro' Thx to DipeshB for the idea. Touch again to restore brightness.

  • Auto Bright




    Simply enables / disables the displays Automatic Brightness setting. App and home screen widget. Auto brightness gets turned off by a number of things, this just saves you having to go through the menus to re-enable it. Please consider buying 'Cleaner Pro' to donate. Source available:...

  • Shoot the Ducks




    Shoot the ducks, planes, targets, skeets, shoot them all. What score can you achieve? Try for 3500 points. Use trackball to move and touch screen to fire. v1.3.1: Froyo app install on SD support v1.3: Droid/Milestone support Classic Arcade Action!!!

  • Newton's Cradle




    Newton's Cradle model. Nice UI, drag and drop the balls to create motion or use accelerometer. v2.2.0: Multi-touch support for Android 2.0+ v2.1.1: Donut 1.6 update with QVGA & WVGA support Twitter: @geekyouup Source:

  • Duck Paper ( Live Wallpaper )




    Android 2.1 Live Wallpaper based on Duck Hunt game with scores. If you'd like to donate to my development efforts, then please buy 'Shoot the Ducks' game for £0.79

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