Gen3 Software

  • WordSurf Fun Word Search Game




    Surf to improve your vocabulary, learn or improve your English with WordSurf, an educational, fun free single and multiplayer boggle type word search arcade game! Read the definition, hear the pronunciation! Perfect for adults, high school students and elementary school students. Fun for ELL...

  • Art Studio - Draw & Decorate




    If you like to create great works of art and share with your friends, or simply doodle to relax, Art Studio is the app for you. Art Studio lets you draw, scribble or doodle with normal lines or vivid neon colors. Start with a photo as the background and Art Studio lets you edit and decorate it or...

  • Doodle Dawg Sketch & Draw Pro




    The best drawing, sketching, doodling, photo decorating app for Android phones and tablets. Doodle Dawg lets you create on a blank canvas or on top of a photo and provides many capabilities to display your creativity. The paid version is the same as the free version, except there are no ads, and...

  • Proprietary Market Client




    This is the Android client for Gen3 Software's Enterprise Android App Store. Register at upload your apps and create your private App Store. The Proprietary Market Client manages access to your apps. The Proprietary Market Client provides secure access to your apps,...

  • Sql Server Mobile Manager




    With your phone or tablet, you can: - Connect to any SQL Server database, - Save unlimited connections with or without passwords, - Download table and column names to simplify querying, - Query - select, update, insert, delete, exec, etc., - Utilize an intuitive "SQL Keyboard", - Save...

  • BeanZilla - Arcade word game!




    A boggle-style game with a few twists! Play Bean Gobble mode - no timers! No pressure! Just find as many words as you can. Try Beanzilla mode - an arcade mode where you race against the clock to find as many words as possible. The score multiplier increases every level, but the timer speeds up...

  • Korean Arcade Word Game




    BeanZilla Korea is a boggle style arcade game in Korean! This is a Korean Language version of the popular BeanZilla app - find Korean words by assembling jamo or hagul characters characters. 4 Exciting Boggle games! Play BeanZilla Jamo Boggle or BeanZilla Hangul Boggle and get your score on our...

  • Holes




    Try the hit game Holes! Try not to fall in the hole! Whoops! Don't fall in the hole! How do you win? How do you NOT win?!

  • Share Photos Safely - Share2QR




    Our mobile application allows users to share pictures on their phones conveniently, instantly, and privately. Easily share photos with groups of people that are present without having to email or text them! The best app for any occasion where there are groups of people and photos to be shared!...

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