• Insect repeller




    It frightens and repels mosquitoes and cockroaches using ultrasounds. Press the power button and star repelling them!

  • Diccionario RAE




    Diccionario de la Real Academia Española. Resuelve cualquier duda estés donde estés de forma gratuita y sencilla. Lleva siempre en tu móvil o tablet el diccionario de la RAE completamente actualizado. La edición actual —la 22.ª, publicada en 2001— incluye más de 88 000 entradas.

  • Hearing test




    Hearing test is a hearing test to check the level of understanding speech. The test consists of listening to a series of numbers and make a note on the screen.

  • Animal sounds for kids




    Click on an animal to hear its sound. Perfect game for children to have fun listening to the animals and learning to relate sounds and images.

  • Virtual Stock




    Virtual stock market game with real-time stock information. Learn how to invest in stock playing with real-time data. Make your fortune starting with €100,000. You can invest in the U.S. stock market NASDAQ in the Spanish IBEX 35 and the German DAX, more coming soon.

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