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Georgi Christov

  • EZsub - Sofia subway

    EZsub - Sofia subway




    EZsub is the all-in-one application for the subway in the city of Sofia. It allows you to check schedules and arrival times for each station in the network as well as to quickly plan your journey using an interactive map. Find the station nearest to you, then see when the next train will arrive....

  • EZtrans - Sofia transport

    EZtrans - Sofia transport




    EZtrans is the long awaited public transport application for Android devices for the city of Sofia. It lets you easily check a vehicle's schedule, find a specific station, check when the next vehicle will arrive and find best routes for any destination in Sofia. You can use a map to find...

  • 5.0





    DigiGraff is a new social networking app that allows you to create images and spray them as virtual graffiti

  • Sparkler





    Sparkler is a fun new app that allows you to cut through metal with your fingers. Turn you device into a piece of metal and cut through it as if you were using a metal grinder. The included sound and vibration effects make the experience even more realistic. Furthermore, you can select different...

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