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Gerald Adkins

  • Password Generator and Manager

    Password Generator and Manager


    Manage password lists generated randomly or created manually. •Manage password list •Create passwords randomly •Enter passwords manually •Flexible criteria for random creation •Annotate and date/time stamp each entry •Easy update of stored list We need passwords or PINs everywhere. We have...

  • Track Your Exercise

    Track Your Exercise


    Track your exercise activity and email the log to any address. • Create detailed record of workouts with comments • Bar graph display of recorded levels • Edit capability of all entries • Email the record • Select your own color pallet Workout logs and records of daily exercise are one of the...

  • Track Your Blood Sugar Level

    Track Your Blood Sugar Level




    “Blood sugar monitoring is one treatment for diabetes. Monitoring blood glucose is achieved by using a blood glucose meter. Your blood sugar levels are always changing, but with this meter, you can learn your blood glucose level at any moment in time. It is unhealthy to maintain a too high or too...

  • ELIZA iTherapist Simulation

    ELIZA iTherapist Simulation


    This app is an Implementation of early natural language processing through the well-known program ELIZA. It is intended for both recreational and educational purposes, and provides some insight into early work in artificial intelligence. ELIZA is an early example of primitive natural language...

  • Talking Magic Crystal Ball

    Talking Magic Crystal Ball


    This app is based on the Magic Eight Ball and presents responses to questions selected randomly. It is very interactive and uses Speech recognition, Text-to-Speech, and the accelerometer to recognize shaking motions. After two questions, the oracle asks for a selection of a new language (English...

  • Track Your Medications

    Track Your Medications




    Keep track of your medications and receive reminders when it’s time to take them. I developed this app following a recent illness of congestive heart failure. At first the amount of new information to be managed was overwhelming and I needed help. This new reality I found myself dealing with...

  • Super SpeedDial

    Super SpeedDial


    This is a speed dial utility for phone, text and email using phone Contact information. The Super SpeedDial app provides a productivity tool to efficiently make phone calls, send text messages, and email from pre-selected contacts from the phone's Contacts. The user interface is similar to...

  • Toggle SilentMode

    Toggle SilentMode


    Change from silent mode on to silent mode off with a single touch. Android devices allow several ways to turn the sound on and off and to replace the sound with vibrations. Using Settings requires opening Settings, selecting Sound, selecting Silent mode and then closing Settings. An alternative...

  • Emergency 911

    Emergency 911




    Dial emergency numbers with a single or double touch. Android phones provide a single way to make an emergency call such as 911. Launch the phone application and either enter the number to call, choose from contacts, or long press a speed dial entry. This can be a time consuming and error prone...

  • Track Your Heart Failure Zone

    Track Your Heart Failure Zone




    The standard Heart Failure Zone status worksheets as an interactive app. This application provides interactive check lists of each of the three categories Green(Good/The Goal), Yellow(Caution), and Red(Danger), and displays your status on the main screen. If you should consult with your health...

  • Track Your Weight

    Track Your Weight


    “Experts in the field of weight loss have found that when self-monitoring is used on a regular basis, the likelihood of weight-loss success increases. Not only has the ongoing recording of when and how much is eaten or how much exercise is performed been linked with losing weight, but it also has...

  • Track Your Blood Pressure

    Track Your Blood Pressure




    Monitoring and tracking your blood pressure on a daily basis may be the only way that you know if your plan of medical treatment is working. High blood pressure may not have any symptoms, you may not feel any different and you may not know if your blood pressure is too high or not at your goal....

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