German Medina Neria

  • Motion Computing

    Motion Computing


    Tablets MOTION en Realidad Aumentada. Usando la cámara apunte hacia el logo de la marca MOTION y cargue automáticamente el producto TABLET MOTION en 3D.

  • Thesis





    Also download the MARKER and then PRINT IT from the following link: This application is the development and implementation of my thesis project from UNIVERSITY Señor de Sipan ( to obtain the academic...

  • Radio under water

    Radio under water


    I show you how a radio trunking is expose to extreme conditions like as works (talk on two ways) under water

  • Motorola i1 Unlocked

    Motorola i1 Unlocked




    Procedure of hard master reset of the handset when you lost blocking pattern or gmail password linked with handset

  • BlackBerry Script PERL

    BlackBerry Script PERL




    Download script PERL and transfer your contacts from BlackBerry to Android (To know the procedure download: BlackBerry Contacts to Android app from Play Store ) And that's all Team !!

  • BlackBerry Contacts to Android

    BlackBerry Contacts to Android




    Export your phone book directory to Android following the next steps. It ensures the entire tranfer of contacts without limits of contacts transfer and information field of contacts.

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