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    Textionary: Emoticons

    Do you ever wonder what all those texting symbols are? How about what they mean? Well, with Textionary: Emoticon Editions, you will never have to wonder again. If you are a parent wondering what all those texts mean, or if you are wanting to encode some of your own texts, then Textionary's Emoticon Edition is for you.

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    Blue Axe

    Have you ever wanted to play guitar or, have you just started and want to know more? Want to learn how to play solos that sound and feel amazing? Blue AXE shows you how to solo over many chords using several chord progressions. This APP. gives you the basics for an "A minor" "A blues" or "A minor pentatonic" scale. Ja…

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    Download Slicing Zombies Slicing Zombies icon
    Slicing Zombies

    Zombies, Zombies everywhere and many more to slice. If you enjoy playing zombie games or the zombie genre in particular, than you will love Slicing Zombies. All the heads pop right up in front of your eyes, and you have to slice them in half. As you know there is only one sure fired way to kill a zombie, and that is to severely damage or destroy…

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    Download Bartenders Ball Bartenders Ball icon
    Bartenders Ball

    This app is you one stop shop for everything Bartenders ball. The Hampton Roads Bartender’s Ball was started in 1991, took a 6-year hiatus and returned in 2011 with a tremendous and generous audience. Over the years, the Hampton Roads Charitable Fund has donated over $500,000 to many local and national charities. The hospitality industry continues…

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    Download Fix It Your Damn Self: Cake Fix It Your Damn Self: Cake icon
    Fix It Your Damn Self: Cake

    Want to impress? If you have a date, company coming over, or if you just want to make something delicious for yourself, this is for you. See how easy it is to take a box of cake mix and make it taste like you slaved over it for hours making it "from scratch." Scrumptous Cake! So, give it a try, and Fix It Your Damn Self.

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