• 6.6





    Teeter is a labyrinth-esque game for Android with simple gameplay and average visuals

  • Colored Blocks




    Colored Blocks - classic popular and free game. It`s easy to play. Touch screen to rotate block and slide to move it. Games of our childhood and remember childhood! Enjoy a nice game and nice graphics. Develop your logic and spatial thinking, don`t forget to share the game with friends and family.

  • Colors Maze




    Colors Maze brings a new twist to the series of labyrinth simulation games. You have different color holes that you have to fill with the correct color ball. If a ball goes into the wrong hole, you can free it by shaking the phone, but other balls might fall off at the same time. You control the...

  • Classic Labyrinth




    Classic Labyrinth game where you control steel balls to find a way to finish hole.

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