G-Gee by GMO

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    Space-themed shoot-em-up on Japanese psychedelic drugs





    Widely praised bullet hell shooter ESPGALUDA II ≪ ★ ESPGALUDA II Overview ★ ≫ A Guiness-recognized "Danmaku Shooter"! The arcade sensation ESPGALUDA II is right at your fingertips on Android! Dodge and weave through waves of bullets as they fill the screen, go for a high score! ≪ ★...

  • Battle Racing 3D




    A high-speed, high-altitude tilt 3D car racing game with plenty of twists and turns! Over 5 million downloads around the world. Aim for the No.1 motor racer in the online ranking GP and play against the world! Select from five original customizable car models and grab hold of the steering wheel...

  • Mr.Oops!!




    Get this free lite version absolutely FREE!! Extremely simple to play. Step1...Flick! Step2...Dodge! Step3...And "HEY!",sometimes. That's all! Pinches are approching after another... Impossible situations... And awful outcomes... Simple-is-best! Get over the impossibles...

  • Angry Mama




    Angry Mama is popular and free puzzle game. Over 400,000 downloads. Clean up your room!! If you don't clean your room as you're told, mama's gonna get aaaaaaangry!! This is a puzzle game where you can test your memory and judgement. Take a good look at the cleaned up room, and put...

  • Cocktail Frenzy Bar




    Welcome to the Frenzy Bar! But the problem is, this bar is in need of a bartender. Our customers are waiting for their cocktails! You are now the bartender, and make the cocktails as ordered with lots of cocktail recipes. Game controls are simple and easy. Each customer will request to you with...

  • Ping Pong WORLD CHAMP




    Ping Pong WORLD CHAMP is popular table tennis game in the world. Let's play with the strong world team! Easy, yet exhilarating classic games of ping pong (virtual table tennis 3D). Touch and drag your paddle to keep the ball in play. There are 4 modes of game play where you can choose...

  • Toss Mania




    Everyone's favorite toss game at the fair, Ring Toss is here! Swipe the ring and toss it to get your prize! Prizes come in various size from small prizes like gum, paper and caramel to big funny prizes. Prizes in the front row are easier to get, and gets harder in the back. You'll have...

  • Target Mania




    Everyone's favorite game at the fair, Target Shooting is here as one of casual shooting archery games! Prizes will be coming from the left, aim for the prizes and shoot them down! Prizes come in various sizes, the larger they are, the harder to shoot them down. You'll run out of bullets...

  • Demons & Angel




    You have a time limit of 1 minunte. Let's see how many stages you can clear within 1 minute! The screen is filled with Angel and Devil panels. Vertical and horizontal panels of the panel you touch will change and your goal is to turn all the panels into same designed panels (either an...

  • Racing Jockey




    Racing Jockey is popular horse racing game. Let's go for the G1 races! Make your challenge for the G1 race and become the best jockey!! This game is a horse racing game where the player will choose a horse to ride, and race up to maximum of 16 races to aim for the G1 race. The horse's...

  • Kung-Fu Runner




    Kung-Fu Runner is a popular free action game. You operate a main character flying at high speed to compete the mileage. A man has to pass the last mission to become a Kung fu master. The mission name is “Dragon Road”. Could you become un Kung fu master? It’s time you try to the result of...

  • Pizza Vs. Skeletons




    You are BIG. You are TASTY. You are kicking some brittle undead @*$! Play 10 levels of the iOS megahit Pizza Vs. Skeletons for free! What can a 25-foot-tall pizza do in 10 levels? A whole heck of a lot! - Sumo wrestle a skull - Crunch a skeletal demon - Rescue Poodle puppies - Bully...

  • Zombie Escape 3D




    Frighteningly eerie 3D escape! The 2nd game of the Zombie Escape Series! Find your way out of the schoolhouse without being attacked by one of the lurking zombies. You will need to locate the hidden key in order to unlock the door and escape. Take refuge from stupid zombies in the safe room to...

  • G-Gee by GMO




    G-Gee is now here to help you discover the best app in millons FREE games. G-Gee collects a huge variety of enjoyable game apps for free! You can find your favorite apps in G-Gee's game town. Let's try to find out the best app absolutely FREE. You can stop playing games once you install...

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