G-Gee by GMO





    In the not too distant future a robot is pushing objects around a maze. Your job is to guide him in this logic puzzle game. Over 100 levels - can you complete them all?!? Easy flick and slide actions. Once the robot places an object, it changes color and is locked in. Place all objects to clear...

  • Virtual Hockey




    Air hockey becomes virtual!! Just swipe the mallet horizontally and hit back the puck. Seems easy and simple, but technique is the key to victory! Rules : Move the mallet horizontally and hit back the puck. Score 5 points to advance to the next level. You win after clearing all 3 levels. Score...





    "CODE+" is a puzzle game that tests your reflexes. A set of characters will be shown, and you will need to find the exact same set of characters inside the code. The faster you find it, you'll gain a higher score. The codes will be only shown vertically or horizontally. Get...

  • Cupig




    In the world of CuPig three lovely piggies are hustling to build their own sweet home. To acquire materials for their homes, challenge exciting and fun puzzle games. Get the materials for piggy's home when you move cubes, matching the colors of the cubes to the ground. Get inside GMO...

  • Induced Current




    Avoid the looming enemies! Make cores explode to attack all enemies at once! An action game full of thrills and exhiraliation finally makes its debut on Android! A super easy-to-play and intuitively playable game. All you have to do is to touch and move your fighter! Touch blue cores for large...

  • Thumpies Zero




    Winner of the Mobile Entertainment Of The Year Award 2010 ! Get your full version of Thumpies here -> http://bit.ly/zjgqHd Here is what critics are saying about Thumpies: Appadvice - Thumpies truly does reinvent the rhythm based game, and stands above Tap Tap Revenge, Rock Band, Riddim...





    Would you like to test your spatial reasoning capacity? Put together the pieces into the shape as shown within the time limit. It's OK if you don't make it in time! Get inside GMO GameCenter info on latest game updates, tips & more... LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/GGeebyGMO...

  • Nine Ball




    The best game to kill time! Touch and erase the balls as quickly as possible! The key to achieving a high score is to touch the balls in a short amount of time. The game is over if you miss the ball three times. Get inside GMO GameCenter info on latest game updates, tips & more... LIKE US...

  • Mushroom Hunt




    This is a mysterious forest where mushrooms keep on growing. Within 60 seconds, try to tap and pick as many mushrooms you can. Small mushrooms gives you low scores, pick them after they grow up! When you pick a gold mushroom, all the small mushrooms will grow up at once. If you pick a purple...

  • Reversi




    Classic game of Reversi! This version has clue features which tells you where to place your move. While playing against the CPU, you will be able to change your moves. All the games will be recorded, so you can see how much you have gotten better with the game. Get inside GMO GameCenter info on...

  • Space Wander Landing




    Land your spaceship on other planets in this simple action game. Tap the screen to ignite thrust and control ship using left/right buttons. Various planets to land on but gravitational pull comes from different directions on each planet so you will need to adjust the thruster and bring your ship...

  • Chameleon War




    Test your instincts and tactics, in this area conquer puzzle game! Choose your color, and take control of over 50% of the map!! This game seems simple but requires strategic thinking. Your opponents are the chameleon girls! Get inside GMO GameCenter info on latest game updates, tips &...

  • Brain Puzzle Equals Sign




    Let's see how smart you are! All you need to do is to click on ">", "=" or "<" buttons by comparing the two numbers. Be careful some numerical formulas are tricky! Try not to be deluded! Are you smart enough to solve 100 questions in a row without any...





    Do whatever it takes to get away from the blocks coming at you! How long can your ninja jump manage to survive!? Operation Instructions: - Right & Left buttons: Allows you to move horizontally - Jump button: Allows you to jump over one block - Slide button: Allows you to slide through one...

  • Shisen-Sho




    The well known mahjong puzzle game is here! Try to connect and erase two of the same kind in a line, without touching other pieces. You can only change your lines pependicularly two times. Game is over when you run out of pieces to erase. In order to get a higher score, speed is also important....

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