G-Gee by GMO

  • Space Wander Defense




    In Defense Mode, part of the video game golden-age inspired SPACE WANDER series, players must defend planets against missile attacks. Tap the screen to align target and fire. Explode missile clusters for higher scores. But don't forget to keep an eye on your engery level. Position...





    Everyone's favorite game of reversi is now 3D! CUBIC REVERSI is reversi battled out on a 3D cube. Panels will be locked when the periphery of the cube is taken. During the game, the switch may activate. When switch is activated, Player and Opponent panels will be switched. CPU difficulty...

  • Tilt Ball Rolling




    Roll the ball to the goal by tilting your device. Avoid the traps by jumping and tilting, and try to get to the goal with a fastest time! Get inside GMO GameCenter info on latest game updates, tips & more... LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/GGeebyGMO FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:...





    COLOURS is a brand new type of puzzle game composed of various colors and lights. The rules are quite simple. All you have to do is keep pressing the designated colors of three panels in order. With intuitive operations such as "tap", anyone can enjoy and get into the game. Get inside...

  • Song Shaker




    Listen and watch your favorite songs come immediately to life with a simple shake of your wrist! It's the perfect jukebox for family & friends. Simply shake your phone and hear perfect notes trickle out every time alongside a bevy of beautifully colored strobes of dazzling designs – a...

  • Touch of Music




    Heart-warming songs, enchanting instruments and a charming new vintage indie layout. 『TOUCH OF MUSIC』 is the most delightful app for young aspiring musicians everywhere.Enjoy the Freedom to play songs at your own beat while never missing a note. Experience Not Necessary! KEY FEATURES - Unique...

  • Fish Mania




    Fish Mania is popular and free fishing game. Over 1 million downloads in the world. Swipe and catch as many goldfish as you can! The scoop will rip easily, so be careful! There are two modes in this game. Regular mode where you have three scoops to fish as much as you can, and also a time attack...

  • Run Ninja Run




    Run Ninja Run is an exciting and addicting popular ninja game where you control the gravity simply by touching the screen. Run through the jungle and mountains and head for the castle! Runner game for ninja fun! But be careful! Traps and obstacles will get in your way! Collect as many coins as...

  • Homerun Ninja




    Homerun Ninja 3D is popular and free home run battle game. Over 400,000 downloads. The Ninja will throw balls, and at times shooting stars and bombs. Tap the ball at a good timing and aim for a home run. Battle against the Ninja team and aim for your highest score according to baseball rules....

  • Candy Mania




    Candy mania is popular and free cooking game. Over 800,000 downloads in the world. Let's make everyone's favorite Cotton Candy!! Make circles around the cotton candy machine, and make your own cotton candy! Here is a delicious candy cooking game for candy lovers! This game is recommended...

  • Crazy Dunker




    CRAZY DUNKER is an action game that will let you enjoy unbelievable, crazy slam dunks. Rub the screen to generate power for your jump. Once you get in to the air, tilt your handset to guide the player in the sky toward the goal on the ground. Tilt your handset following the direction of arrows to...

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