Girish Kumar Shakya

  • Barcode Scanner




    Simple Barcode Scanner App. for scanning Barcode/QRcode, helpful for scanning 1D barcodes, QR Code, Data Matrix. create history share via bluetooth,mail, facebook, hookup. Help you to create your own Barcode/QR Code. Enjoy this application. Thanks and Regards C2S, Team

  • Sample Fest App


    Sample Fest App is a dummy application for the technical fest in india. Technical fest organizer can install this app on there smart phone and on demand they can contact same application for free.

  • C2S


    Mobile Application from C2S, to keep you update for latest Workshops,Internship and about company

  • Java Interview Questions




    Collection of more than 600+ Java Interview questions...... covers all topics.... from core Java to Struts.... Topics covers Language basic Classes and Object Interface and Abstract Classes packages Exceptional Handling Util Packages JSF Struts Spring Swing Applets Threads JSP JDBC Miscellaneous...

  • Quotes


    Wonderful collection Daily Quotes by famous personalities for Inspiration,Motivation,Leadership,Sucess etc. ,with the feature of List,Search,adding to fav., setting Quote Alarm, sending Quote to friend via email or sms. good application for keeping your mind motivated.

  • Text to Speech Convertor




    Free text to speech Software (tts) that are absolutely free to use .... convert your text to US,UK,German,Canada,Chines,French,Korean,Taiwan....

  • Daily Quotes




    Encouraging Messages and Inspirational Quotes from Famous Personality ... to help you convey inspiration and encouragement. ... Galvanize your mind with motivational quotes and daily inspiration for a healthier life.

  • Beauty TIps




    Collection of most essential Homemade beauty tips for skin for you to stay beautiful and look beautiful for longer time. use these tips for nourishment of your skin...

  • Brain Teaser




    This visual brain teaser tests your concentration in an enjoyable format that will have you hooked for ages. Is your brain up to the challenge?...

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