• GGG – Its a Girls World




    GGG: It’s everything girls ♥. The best FREE pics, vids, gifs, games AND MORE—all in 1 app! •Fun pics •Hot vids •Top gifs •Cool games Love fashion? We’ve got you covered. Animals? We ♥ them too. Celebs? Awww yeah! Jokes? We’re all about the laughs! Impress your friends! Design your own...

  • Sara's Rainbow Muffins




    Check out the most colourful muffin recipe on the planet by Sara's Cooking Class: Rainbow Cupcakes! These cakes look beautiful and taste delicious—what more could you want? Ride your unicorn over to Sara’s Cooking Class and you’ll find a pot of gold: yummy cupcakes! ♥ Join the Cupcake...

  • Sara's Strawberry Parfait




    Make the perfect parfait in this cool free Sara's Cooking Class game. Love desserts? Get your teeth into a yummy strawberry parfait—nom! This cake making game for girls is fun and FREE, and is a real-life recipe: you can make strawberry parfait for real in your own kitchen! ♥ Make a yummy...

  • Frizzle Fraz




    When your friends get kidnapped, what will you do? Help Frizzle Fraz get his friends back by jumping and bumping his way through the Magical Forest. Beware of those nasty kidnappers! They sure do love themselves a nice Frizzle snack! Find keys, jump on kidnappers, and rescue your friends in one...

  • Cute Jungle Hospital




    Welcome to Cute Jungle Hospital, where the patients are all cute and fluffy. Your vet clinic is in the middle of the jungle, so all the adorable baby jungle animals come to YOU for help when they're sick. Fix them up and make them happy again! ABOUT CUTE JUNGLE HOSPITAL ♥ Care for 11...

  • Cute Jungle Quiz 1.0




    Do you love baby animals? Then this is the quiz for you! Come find out what kind of cute little jungle animal you are. You could be a baby… ♥ Sloth ♥ Panda ♥ Monkey ♥ Capybara ♥ Hippo ♥ Elephant ♥ Tapir ♥ Rhino ♥ Leopard ♥ Panther ♥ Tiger Don't forget—your quiz result changes based on your...

  • Potion of Love




    Do you have the magical skills to turn this prince into the date of your dreams? Pick magic berries and fruits in this game to make your potion of love! Then give it to the handsome prince and see what happens… Will he turn into a slimy frog? Or the cutest date that you can’t wait to kiss? It’s...

  • Handbag by Natalie




    Do you love designer handbags? Then team up with your friend Natalie to design the coolest purses, bags and totes in the world! Answer the fun quiz to find out which bag suits your personality the best. Natalie knows everything about accessories - so play this game and become the fashionista...

  • Crazy Boom Sale




    Are you a shopaholic who loves to shop ‘til you drop? Crazy Boom Sale’s the game for you! You’re your skill to match clothes and accessory items, complete fashion puzzles and play all the other fun style mini-games… there’s so much to do. You’ll have a street-style look in no time, and without...

  • Smooth Like a Baby Make Over




    Baby smooth skin is just a free game play away! You’re the salon owner and the stylist for this pretty girl looking for a beautiful new look. Help her wash away her old style and see the difference a new hairstyle, dress, and make up look can make. She’s a real girl with the same problems we all...

  • Jenny the Spa-aholic




    Jenny just loves to spend the day at the spa – but she needs your help to look her very best! Will she have the perfect beauty treatment and makeover that she dreams of, or will she leave the salon with weird hair and blotchy skin? It’s up to you… Help Jenny have the perfect facial, steam bath,...

  • Find Me Somebody to Love




    The path to finding true love is not always an easy one. How can you tell which cute boy is the one for you? I guess you’ll have to date a bunch of cuties to see which one’s worth being your crush. Catch a boy’s eye, then keep his attention to fill up the bar. Nab a few different guys to win the...

  • Treatment Before Sleep




    Every girl knows that beauty isn’t achieved during a salon makeover – but in her own bathroom right before bed. Get all the beauty tips you need to look great and feel like a prom queen every day – no stylist or makeover required! Help the model clean off all her makeup, and learn about what a...

  • Summer Beach Dating




    Summer love is so sweet – but why stick to just one crush all summer? The beach is full of cute boys and all you have to do is catch one of their eyes. Strut your stuff on the sand and pick the cutest boy you’d like to date. Then turn on the charm and make sure he only has eyes for you! Who knows...

  • Sara's Cooking Class: Vacation




    Hi, I'm Sara and I ♥ to cook. Wanna come eat with me? Let's cook (and eat) our way through Mexico and Italy! What's more, you can decorate the dishes we make together any way you like—just make sure you take a pic of it before digging in. Here's what we'll do in my vacation...

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