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GITS Indonesia




    FREE adalah situs yang dikelola oleh mahasiswa dan alumni di Yogyakarta dan sekitarnya. berusaha menyebarkan dakwah Islamiyyah Ahlu Sunah wal Jama’ah di jagad maya. Moto adalah “Memurnikan Aqidah, Menebarkan Sunah”. Tag: Islam, Indonesia

  • Alarm Jadwal Sholat dan Kiblat

    Alarm Jadwal Sholat dan Kiblat




    Aplikasi yang membantu Anda mengetahui jadwal sholat dan imsakiyah di Indonesia, sehingga ibadah anda dapat berjalan dengan baik dan maksimal. Selain itu, dengan aplikasi ini Anda juga dapat mengetahui arah kiblat. Dengan menggunakan lokasi Anda saat ini, aplikasi ini dapat menentukan jadwal...

  • Pilpres Duo (Pemilu Presiden)

    Pilpres Duo (Pemilu Presiden)




    "Bagus banget desainnnya, nyaman dilihat" "Akses data internetnya cepet banget" Pilpres Duo adalah aplikasi untuk melihat info kandidat calon presiden dan calon wakil presiden pemilu Indonesia tahun 2014. Fitur-fitur yang ada saat ini adalah sebagai berikut: + Cek ANTI...

  • Indobuildtech Expo

    Indobuildtech Expo




    "I am an exhibitor for this event, this app is very useful to get analytics for visitor" "When I was visiting exhibitor booth, I can easily checkin via barcode. And also there is interactive floorplan in this app, wow!" Come and participate on Indobuildtech Expo 2014 at Bali,...

  • Kamus Inggris Offline

    Kamus Inggris Offline




    ENGLISH: Bahasa Dictionary (BD) is an offline English-Indonesia dictionary and vice versa. It contains almost every popular words and additional not-so-popular words in English and Indonesia so you won't have any problem finding words in this application. Features in Kamus Offline / Bahasa...

  • Toko Aksesoris HP (Doku Shop)

    Toko Aksesoris HP (Doku Shop)




    Aplikasi untuk membeli aksesoris Handphone original di Indonesia. Dapat dipakai juga untuk para reseller dan dropshipper Doku Shop. Dengan aplikasi ini kamu dapat mencari aksesoris handphone dari berbagai merek original, seperti merek Nillkin, Kalaideng, Xmart, Capdase, Remax, dan lainnya....

  • KIRI Jakarta

    KIRI Jakarta




    KIRI Jakarta is an app to help people finding the nearest routes in Jakarta. This app participated in HackJak event in Jakarta, April 2014. KIRI HackJak is made by: + Pascal Alfadian (KIRI) + Aristo Hadisoeganda (Starfe) + Ibnu Sina Wardy (GITS) The data in this app is retrieved from public,...

  • Kosakata Indonesia

    Kosakata Indonesia




    Kosakata Indonesia is an application that can give you information about Indonesian words. Retrieve definition, translation, synonyms, antonyms, related terms, similar words, proverb, and reference for every Indonesia word. Tap one of the results to start a quick new search for that term....

  • Power Nap Alarm

    Power Nap Alarm




    The power nap is thought to maximize the benefits of sleep versus time. If you don’t want to nap a long time, set an alarm. This app is easy to use. Just open the Power Nap application on your Android, put the time you want to tweak power and as soon as you set time, it begins countdown. The app...

  • Toresto





    Toresto is an application that allows you to find your favorite place to eat, anytime and anywhere. Toresto has a lot of restaurant data in Indonesia and Singapore. But you can add your favorite restaurant easily in this app wherever you are. Send us email for your support and ideas :)...





    Indotravelshop menawarkan pemesanan paket perjalanan wisata dari Indonesia ke China, Hongkong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, dan negara lainnya.

  • Puskesmas Mobile

    Puskesmas Mobile




    Aplikasi untuk Puskesmas, digunakan untuk menginput data pasien oleh bidan. Tertarik untuk menggunakan? Silakan hubungi kami.

  • Babybind





    Babybind is a social journal to easy & fun parenting. Babybind enables parent to get relevant information about their baby quickly and to share their baby milestones instantly.

  • Enjoy Jakarta

    Enjoy Jakarta




    Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolis, home to 9 million people with incredible unique diversity of tribes, languages, cultures, and traditions. Jakarta recognized as the tenth-largest city in the world. Jakarta also known as a fascinating city that can be viewed from many different...

  • The-Marketeers App

    The-Marketeers App




    The-Maketeers Apps adalah unit media dari MarkPlus, Inc. yang bergerak dalam : - Komunitas marketing terbesar di Indonesia, - Majalah marketing nomer satu di Indonesia(Marketeers Magazine), - Penggerak radio online profesional di Indonesia (Marketeers Radio). Anda dapat mengkases semua fungi...

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