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  • Electrical Engineering




    This free app consists of 3 useful electricity tools, an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator and electrical formulas. Electrical calculator: You are able to calculate the most important electrical sizes. You can calculate the electrical power, electrical resistance,...

  • Math Calculator




    Scientific calculator for math, physics, economics and many more! With most important mathematical functions: - arithmetic and trigonometric functions - store multiple values in memory - universal, physical and technical constants - history of calculations - float, fixed and scientific mode...

  • E-Book and Document Reader




    Free reader for PDF files, with many functions: - open all kind of PDF files, for example E-Books, documents, graphics, invoices and more - you can search text in the document - Zoom in or out for better reading - select the page of the document with slider - send files with email - open email...

  • Concrete Calculator




    This free concrete calculator is able to make various calculations. - Concrete volume calculator: You are able to calculate the concrete volume. Just enter the diameter (in feet), depth (in feet) and quantity. - Concrete slab calculator: You are able to calculate the required volume of mixer...

  • Electrical Engineering Pro




    This app is the Pro-Version of "Electrical Engineering", completely without advertisements. This app consists of 3 useful electrical tools, an Electrical Calculator, an Electrical Circuit Calculator and Electrical Formulas. Electrical Calculator: You are able to calculate the most...

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