• DuinoMote


    DuinoMote allows you to create appliances (just a term) that you can control from your Android device to your Arduino board via ethernet or wifi shield. Step one is to configure DuinoMote with your Arduino LAN and WAN IP addresses and port (detailed instructions on the website) and save....

  • LyricMaster 2000




    Tablet application to display lyrics and chords in user specified color and scrolling speed that can be saved as preferences. The application also has the ability for four sets with unlimited songs in each set. This application is different from most because you enter the songs in a text editor...

  • Readerville - The Park




    THE READERVILLE PARK APP - YOU’LL LOVE THE NEW IMPROVEMENTS! Now that you’ve completed the activities for WELCOME TO READERVILLE, you are ready for the READERVILLE PARK. These are the activities included in the READERVILLE PARK APP: LEVEL 1: TAP AND TELL LETTER SOUNDS AND SIGHT WORDS -...

  • Readerville - The Beach


    Description: THE READERVILLE BEACH APP will take your child on a seaside reading adventure. GAME 1: The “Tap and Tell” beach game will feature 3 new letter sounds and 4 new sight words. GAME 2: READ A WORD - Treasure Island - This game will help your child create and spell phonetic...

  • Teleprompter 2000




    Teleprompter 2000 reads a speech (text file) from your tablet. Scrolling speed is controlled by a scroller bar (always available) at the top of the screen or can be run manually by using your finger to scroll. Features include preferences for a color scheme, font can be configured to your font,...

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