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WARNING: THIS IS A BETA, THEREFORE BUGGY AND NOT FULLY FEATURED. That said, please leave bug reports on Synthulator is a musical sequencer, with a LADSPA interface to allow users to add their own synthesis engines. Well, it will be as it develops. ladspa is provided under the LGPL, see

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Animal is a stop-motion animation creator, like making a flickbook, but with phone photos. Just take a picture, change your scene, and take another picture. Then save your animation as a GIF that you can share online. G1 and Dream are supported at the moment, other devices may yield unpredictable results (sorry Droid).

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CMT Analogue Synth Plugin

This is a plugin, it only does anything when used through another music application! An analogue synth plugin that can be loaded by music applications, taken from the free LADSPA CMT. More information, tools, and GPL'd source code at

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Guide Jonathan Harker on a trip through Transylvania, interacting with vampires, mad scientists, zombies, annoying magpies, moustachioed werewolves, and ultimately Count Dracula himself! A text-based interactive fiction game based on Bram Stoker's classic. "Campy, wonderfully silly, and packed to the gills with supernatural mayhem" –…

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Five Things

Can you name "five things that get hot" in ten seconds? It's harder than it sounds! Our game is designed for parties, gather round and challenge your friends! The snazzy font is Anita Semi Square by

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Rainbow Harp

A relaxing polyphonic harp that you play with your fingers, and draw new sounds with your active pen. It is a fun instrument to play, a colourful toy to relax and strum, and an educational tool that lets you hear what different waveforms sound like as you draw them. It's intended to be used with HTC devices that have active pens, such as the…

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