Glenn Bacon

  • Super Hero Blue




    Evil villains have stolen your world's power source. You must travel to the evil world, find the power source, and return it home.

  • Flappy Moo




    Tap to flap little cow wings and fly. Avoid pipes and collect cow bells to score points. Fun addicting and challenging.

  • Super Daddio 2




    Fun run and jump 2D platformer. Help Daddio save his girlfriend. Defeat enemies by stomping on them or throwing weapons at them. Battle big bosses in this exciting side scrolling action packed game. Power-up with a jetpack and fly high into the sky and come down and stomp more bad guys....

  • Super Daddio




    Run, jump, throw blocks and fireballs in this exciting side scrolling action packed game. Fly high into the sky with a jetpack and come down and stomp bad guys. Xperia Play Optimized Use dpad to control Daddio, X button to dash/throw and O button to jump. Game has 9 worlds and 60 levels for...

  • Jewel Bust




    Help two little monkeys bust as many jewels as possible. Your monkeys are equipped with only a slingshot and some colored rocks. Slingshot the rocks with the help of your monkeys. A same colored rock that collides with the like colored jewel will break both. Hit bombs, clocks and other...

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