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Rimes Online 4 quality levels

All of us are writing poetry from time to time. Sometimes we are followed by our moods, sometimes it happens in order to please a loved one, friends or relatives. Or to surprise. Creating a poem is very complicated process. It needs talent. After all, the idea is not just to express a thoughts, but also to talk about it succinctly, skillfully and b…

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Download SMS Scheduler SMS Scheduler icon
SMS Scheduler

A simple application to create a schedule for sending SMS messages. For example, if you remember anything at night, and night is not convenient to write. Specify the time to send "10.00", and SMS will be sent at this time. Or you can note all birthdays and set the sending of congratulations. *** Follow us on Twitter, where, first you ll f…

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Download Rimes Multi lite Rimes Multi lite icon
Rimes Multi lite

Unlike the full version, this version: - Contains ads. - There is no option "remember the language". - There is no option "search history" for offline use. - there is no voice input option. *** Follow us on Twitter, where, first you ll find all our news in English, and, second, we publish there funny mini poems: http://twitter.c…

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Download Nightlight Lite Nightlight Lite icon
Nightlight Lite

First of all, our program is designed for children who are afraid to sleep in the dark. But often, adults do not like the dark. When the application is activated, the room begins to highlight the soft light of the phone's screen (or strobe flash). You can choose the color of the screen in blue, green, white, yellow, red, or the smooth transitio…

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Download AntiSnore lite AntiSnore lite icon
AntiSnore lite

The program is based on a real medications (which costs about $ 50). The prototype is worn on the arm like a watch. Fixing the sound of snoring, the prototype forces you to get out of deep sleep (but not to wake up at all). But if, for example, the hand is under the blanket (which happens often), the prototype does not work. The interface is availa…

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Download Rimes Robo 2 (English Russian) Rimes Robo 2 (English Russian) icon
Rimes Robo 2 (English Russian)

The robotic assistant. Just say the word out loud, for which it is necessary to pick up the rhyme, and the phone will read aloud to you all the results! We present to you a robotic assistant for creating rhymes. The application generates a rhyme for Russian and English. Watch a video about the application. A button in the upper right corner activa…

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Download SMS Auto Reply SMS Auto Reply icon
SMS Auto Reply

The interface is available in 25 languages​​. The program is activated by activation button (top right corner). If you change the settings, such as text messages to automatically answer, it is necessary to press "save" button (bottom of screen). If you just need to run a program without changing the settings, you just press the activation…

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Download Supernatural free OLD VERSION Supernatural free OLD VERSION icon
Supernatural free OLD VERSION

THIS IS THE OLD VERSION OF THE BOOK. You'd better download the new version, which is called Supernatural free NEW VERSION. There is a lot of mysterious in the world, mysterious and unknown. Ghosts, UFO, geoglyphs, whether Moon is an artificial satellite? In the app-book «Supernatural» we discover a lot of known and unknown incidents or facts…

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Download President of planet: Russia President of planet: Russia icon
President of planet: Russia

What if aliens came down to earth tomorrow. And say: "We want to talk to the government of the earth. Who's in charge?" We offer with a series of applications, "the President of the Earth" to choose an earthly government. How to vote? Just download the application with the flag of the country, for the government of which yo…

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Download Holiday Book Holiday Book icon
Holiday Book

In this application is integrated a list of nearly two thousand traditional, professional, religious, national, or even exotic holidays around the world. Choose the celebration and mark the contacts, which you want to congratulate. By default, the message is: "Congratulations!", But it can be changed. So, you technically do not forget all…

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Download SMS Scheduler 2.0 SMS Scheduler 2.0 icon
SMS Scheduler 2.0

The interface is available in 25 languages.   This application is part of the SMS Manager 2.0.   Do not forget to click on the activation button in the upper right-hand corner.   Six months users to send their suggestions about our popular app SMS Scheduler. Introducing version 2.0. Setting dispatch messages every hour, every 3 hours, every 8 hour…

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Download Kindabeep lite Kindabeep lite icon
Kindabeep lite

Is it possible to know first what the other person has to say, and then decide whether you want to talk to him? And be prepared for the conversation. Yes! Kindabeep em all! Unlike the full version: - contains ads, - there is no widget for quick turn on, - no dictaphone, - no option to upload your own melody. If you like this app, you can support u…

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