• Tiger Puzzles.




    FREE GAME! The most exciting game, This is a Tigers game, our selection of pictures are very wonderful, can develop observation, thinking and creativity. The photo will be cut into 3x3 disarranged pieces. You must put all puzzle pieces at the correct position. You can press “Hint” to check the...

  • Flashlight




    Brightest. Fastest. Simplest. Your own Tiny Flashlight. Flashlight for your device! Incredibly simple and yet very useful flashlight application. Very bright screen flashlight application for all devices. Screen light is an application for those that cannot use the LED on your phones camera as a...

  • Lacing Shoes




    Are all of your shoes, sneakers and boots still laced up the way they were when you bought them? "Shoe Lacing Methods" is a program-instruction how to tie the laces on your everyday and special shoes. There is a lot of unusual, beautiful, practical and useful lacing methods. Each method...

  • Star signs.




    Want to know where your star sign is in the sky? Navigator Star Sign will tell you all this.

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