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  • Sudoku II

    Sudoku II




    Best Sodoku Game,Best Chanllege !!! -3500 free Sodoku puzzles! - 6 mode: Sudoku, X-Sudoku, %-Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku, Squiggly x-Sudoku, Squiggly %-Sudoku - 3 level: Easy, Medium, Hard Sudoku is a free logic based number placement puzzle game. Playing the sudoku is so good for your brain, it...

  • Bubble Shoot

    Bubble Shoot




    Puzzle Level Video: ---------------------- level 225: http://youtu.be/pRvQQGhCbnk level 230: http://youtu.be/dtHVTGnMHXA level 411: http://youtu.be/V5RH30UbCCs level 503: http://youtu.be/TB_qq5n5Xqc level 508: http://youtu.be/o76HzAclvwc level 576: http://youtu.be/QHaicv3XMIo level 595:...

  • Holy Bible(Multilanguage)

    Holy Bible(Multilanguage)




    Android Bible App. Read Bible Everyday! #Select Bible Book #Select Bible Chapter #Multilanguage Bible(English KJV,NiV, Chinese,French,Deutsch,Russian,Spaish,Korean) #Add Bible Favorite #Copy Bible item(Long Click) #Share Bible item(Long Click)

  • Crystal Link Up

    Crystal Link Up




    A good link-up game. Very popular!!! is a very easy and fun game. The game Rule:Try to link up the same crystal icon where locate at the same straight line. not only it can bring you lots of fun but it could train your reactivity ability. that's why the game is so popular and hot!!...

  • Bridge(Game)





    Bridge is by far the greatest card game of all! Now play it on the phone!!!

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