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  • Resident Evil 6 News+




    The Unofficial Resident Evil 6 News+ App! If you are as excited about RE6 as we are and there is nothing better you would love to do than battle creatures like NEMESIS! Then this is the App for YOU!!! In this App you will get..... An All Access Pass to the latest RE6 News. Find out the latest...

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    The Unofficial Mass Effect 3 News+ App! If you are as excited about the third installment in the Mass Effect Trilogy as we are then this is the App for YOU!!! In this App you will get..... An All Access Pass to the latest ME3 News. Up to date pics, vids and info on new DLC before it comes out....

  • Ghost Hunter News+




    The Ghost Hunter News App! If you're a Ghost Hunter or just love the unexplained then THIS is the APP for YOU!!! The Ghost Hunter News App has all the latest News, Pics, Vids and more on everything about Ghost Hunting. Find out what the Latest and Best Equipment that the Top Ghost...

  • Paleo Diet +




    ~*~*~ Its Time to Chow Down Like its 20,000 B.C.~*~*~ The Paleo Diet+ is your ultimate resource for everything related to the Paleolithic diet. There's a lot of talk and even debate these days about the Paleo Diet, but where can you go to get the latest and best information for creating a...

  • Precious Puppies+




    The Precious Puppies+ App! Puppies are so cute! Don't you just want to look at them ALL DAY??? Well with this App, YOU CAN!!! With the FREE Precious Puppies App, not only can you look at Puppies all day but you can also........ See the latest funny and cute videos. Check out all the cutest...

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    ~^v~^v~ Calling all Future MMA Stars ~^v~^v~ Want the latest up to date news from the MMA World? Want INSTANT Access to high level Stand-up and Grappling Techniques for MMA? How about the diet YOU need to train like a Pro MMA Fighter? Well you can find this and more inside the ULTIMATE MMA...

  • Jeep Thing+




    The Jeep Thing App! "It's a Jeep Thing, you wouldn't understand" is a common phrase among Jeep owners....and its very true! Only those that own a Jeep truly understand what its like owning a JEEP! With this App we separated the men from the boys. If you are a Hardcore Jeep...

  • Club Dub+




    Your Exclusive VIP All Access Pass to Club Dub is Right Here with this FREE App for Android! Get the Latest and Best Updates in the Dub Step Music World, at No Charge. Find out who's touring this year. Get info on where the Best DubStep Shows are being held. Hear the Filthiest Drops in Club...

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