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  • Word Trivia

    Word Trivia




    Word Trivia is a fun game. It tests your word knowledge. You can pick letters and if that letter is part of a word then it shows in the word else you lose life. Users have 5 lives to pick the right word. Hint disables 2 letters not in the word but uses 1 life. Game keep tracks of how many words...

  • Weight Loss Gold

    Weight Loss Gold




    Plan on losing weight? Want to set a Goal for weight loss and track your progress against it? Want to know your ideal weight to set your goal? Want to compare your daily progress against previous day, previous week or previous month? This application is for you. It has got all the features. Plus...

  • My Budget Cut

    My Budget Cut




    Make a New Year Resolution of ‘Saving for Future’. This app can help you identifying how cutting a little on unnecessary things can help you save a lot. This app can also help with investment impact on saving i.e. earn interest on your saving. This app is for all whether you save a little in...

  • Spell It Right Lite

    Spell It Right Lite


    Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions. Here is your Lite version of Spell It Right. It contains nearly 2500 easy words. Words are easy to guess and hint button is always there for your help. Have fun and Challenge everyone !!!

  • Spell It Right

    Spell It Right


    Spell It Right is a spelling puzzle game. With more then 25,000 words, this game is going to keep people of all age busy. Word is scrambled in a block grid. User needs to tap on the block in a sequence to get the result word. There is an option of 9 or 12 letter word. Hint is available...

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