• Badge Maker

    Badge Maker




    Ingress Badge Maker If you play Ingress some time it is fun to have a badge with you showing your player name and your agent level. This app helps you to make your own badge. Features: * 10 designs for both factions (resistance & enlightened) * 3 designs without restrictions in free app *...

  • Ingress Portal Calc

    Ingress Portal Calc




    This app is for Ingress player! It calculates the maximum possible distance between 2 portals depending on the resonator levels. Additional info sheets in the app: * Portal range calculator * Burster calculator * Portal config calc * Access levels and capabilities * AP Amounts you can earn *...

  • Badge Maker Pro Unlocker

    Badge Maker Pro Unlocker




    This is an UNLOCKER for PRO features in Badge Maker app. This is not a standalone app. First you need to have the free version of Badge Maker installed. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gombosdev.badgemaker Thank you for supporting the development!

  • Rita's tales for children

    Rita's tales for children




    Tale for children. Short stories about children for children. The app includes 10 sweet tales for children (2-6 year old). The first 7 little tales are free and the other 3 can be unlocked by buying the unlocker key. -= Features =- ◆ 2 languages: English, Hungarian ◆ 10 tales (7 free, 3...

  • Smartphone Avatar

    Smartphone Avatar




    With the Smartphone Avatar creator you can ◆ Design your own avatar ◆ even build your next meme ◆ Use more than dozen font types in every colour to write on the picture ◆ Save it as a high resolution picture (720x960 pixels) ◆ Use it in computer games, in internet forums, etc. ◆ Share it with...

  • Rita's tales Unlocker Key

    Rita's tales Unlocker Key




    The unlocker key for "Rita's tales for children" IMPORTANT: This is just the unlocker key. It is not usable alone. Please install and test "Rita's tales" before you buy this key! NOTE: After purchasing and installing the unlocker key, the main app "Rita's...

  • Smartphone Avatar Unlocker

    Smartphone Avatar Unlocker




    This is an UNLOCKER for PRO features in Smartphone Avatar app. This is not a standalone app. First you have the free version of Smartphone Avatar installed. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gombosdev.smartphoneavatar Thank you for supporting the development!

  • Nexus 7 II Tester

    Nexus 7 II Tester




    With this tool you can test the touch screen bug of your Nexus 7 2013 device. This application only shows you a static picture. That's it. That's enough to demonstrate the touch screen bug. ** PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! ** I am not responsible for any data loss, hardware damage, or...

  • Display Tester

    Display Tester




    With this test tool you can test your device's LCD/OLED screen. It is designed to allow full screen testing in Jelly Bean/ICS/Honeycomb devices by hiding the soft keys. ----- -= Free features =- ◆ Dead pixel test: detect "dead pixels" by displaying a series of solid background...

  • Display Tester Pro Unlocker

    Display Tester Pro Unlocker




    This is an UNLOCKER for Pro features of Display Tester. In the Pro version unlocked features: ◆ Splash screen removed ◆ Noise burn-in repair methods ◆ Pixel info & dithering test ◆ Built-in font styles test ◆ Manually DPI measurement ◆ Color charts ◆ Touch screen dead spot tester Thank you...

  • Creatures of Earth FREE

    Creatures of Earth FREE




    "Creatures of Earth FREE" is an animal catalog. This FREE version is the same as the PAID version except the followings: ◆ Picture resolution and quality is low ◆ Ads ◆ Enhancements much rarer If you like this app please consider to buy the PAID version:...

  • Browser Toggle

    Browser Toggle




    Browser Toggle simply starts one of your preselected Browsers depending on the kind of your current connection (WiFi or Mobile). After install you will have 2 new icons in your app launcher. One for settings and one for launching the browser. Further features: * clearing of the default browser...

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